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Thursday, August 16, 2007

trying to catch up on sharing photos...old and new

Ok, in South AFrica....the norm is anything but...from a US perspective???I don't remember the last time someone pumped my gas at home in the US. Here they not only pump your gas..but check under the hood, fill the tires..wash the windshilds. They also wear the "Uniform" very similar to when I grew up and we'd drive to the Texaco station. And usually it is at least 2 guys working on your car at the same time!Some are very enthusiastic, like the guys in this picture...or v..e...r...y...........slow....... As in they are getting paid the it is no big rush!I also think the price of gas will never seem high again. Petrol as it is refered to about 3.80 US per gallon. It cost us almost 80 to put gas in our car last weekend...and we don't drive a large vehicle!That will get us to East London, about 250 Kilometers away and back. I am so excited as we are going this weekend. It is on the Indian Ocean...and it is also where the Lights went out last time!So I will make sure I have a torch/flashlight this time! Will keep my eyes open for some more "unusual" sightings!And hope the lights stay on this weekend!

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