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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Football is in the air, and the rest of my crazy week...

The Professor ..... totally wet from downpour at the game
I was hoping my mascara hadn't run everywhere.Since my eyes are closed... guess it had already run off me!

Ok, it was definitely football this past weekend. I love college football, there were so many good games to see this past weekend. The professor and I went to a Mississippi STate game, and the traffic was the worst. It was backed up for miles coming into the stadium. It took me longer to drive to the parking area, than it took us to walk to the campus last year. I will have to rethink whether to drive or walk in for the future. Anyway, we got to our seats on the upper deck...just in time to enjoy the downpour, that actually delayed the game by 30 min. Yes they announced that there was lightning within 3 miles of the stadium so they took the players off the field for their safety..but left a stadium full of people with no where to go... and it took us 15 min. of delay to get down to the covered area, so many people were standing in the only dry area. Now this heavy downpour left me with not 1 inch of dry ..... anywhere. So I made the best of it. The Professor and I were soaked, but enjoyed the first 2 quarters....when it started to rain again... I told him my school spirit was gone..with the sunshine...and he graciously took me home....where we watched even more football. It was a great day for the family alma maters.... Oklahoma State , Louisiana State, Texas A&M, MSU,Texas TEch all were winners this week. HAd to post a few photos of the wet us at the football game. I also finished a raffle quilt for the cancer society. It was appliqued by my guild members, then quilted
by me. I also finished several customer quilts, this darling blue and yellow one, was so bright and cheerful. And the black and beige one is so pretty up close. The photo doesn't do it justice I am afraid. I have been busy with a few more customer quilts, trying to get things finished as I have an upcoming will be away from the quilting studio. That plus I am afraid I will get buried the closer we get to Christmas holidays. I have almost finished another raffle

quilt for my sil and the Rakasaans out of Ft. Campbell, and he asked me last week to do a raffle quilt for him. I loaded it this afternoon. I just did a simple applique of their emblem in the center of a large block and did simple turning twenty blocks around it. Will share the photos later...after I have it quilted. Holding thumbs it turns out fabulous to raise money for their fundraiser. Hope you all have a great week.... I plan to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A quickie Post.....Giveaway at my DDin laws blog

Just a quickie post... My talented DD in law's blog is having a wonderful giveaway. Go and check it out. And the photo has nothing to do with the giveaway...but wanted to share a photo taken in Africa just about this time of year two years ago.... of a large herd of Elephants crossing the road in the Kruger Park. A wonderful place to see many different wild animals in their habitat.... roaming across miles of terrain. It still may be the highlight of my trip for things to see in Africa. I will never look at animals the same way again. And some of the gorgeous
vistas that were an everyday thing to see. This lovely mountain view was found near Clarens where we stayed at a wonderful B&B with our dear friends.