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Thursday, August 23, 2007

More of the same....Quilts!

Sorry, meant to add the shot of my "stolen" quilt hanging at a quilt expo we did here. It really shows how pretty it was. I was sick when it went missing. I must admit, because I "scratch" in the Off cut/imperfect bin, many of my quilts had similar colors, I offer other examples...of some made from more "leftovers". I am determined to get at least several more bed quilt pieced before I come home for good next spring.So probably more of the same colors. I do have a bag of brown and white traditional print...and a few more "wild" off cuts, and some black and white fabric to make a quilt out of. But lots of navy, don't know exactly why all of the navy was in the bins.....but I like navy so no problem at 2 US dollars for 2 pounds of material!I certainly couldn't resist. But have been so good lately, knowing that the moving day is coming....I have only purchased thread and light bulbs for the sewing machine.???That is another question, I have probably only bought 4 or 5 bulbs for my sewing machines in 20 plus years of sewing, but don't you know, that I have gone through that many bulbs in the last 2 yrs here???? It is crazy, thank goodness we don't have 220 electricity at home for all appliances, toasters, lamps....etc. My maid has burned up an iron and a toaster. Its got to be the electric or the cheap crap they sell here. I think my last iron, became obsolete after 20 years...but still worked great!Not here, I am on the third iron...they last about 1 year....just after the warranty runs out!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

OOh,stolen! And I love it too! I will keep a watch out down under...if that helps!!!
Are you Walker jen's MIL? or am i drawing too long a bow? It was the south Korea mention....
Love your quilts, and am envious of your maid, I am in heaven thinking about what i could get done...sigh!
Thanks for the visit,I think we share a similar love for a very big bargain! I'll be back, Tracey

Owens Family Adventures said...

Your work is just magnificent!! And I am soooo jealous that you ahve a hand quilter!!! I also love that Tracey (see above) pieced together that you and Walker Jen are related!!! Your secret identity is out..heeheehee