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Monday, August 22, 2011

how was your summer vacation????

How in the world could I let this much time go by???? Life, I guess. The Professor is madly writing the last of his dissertation, and working full time here at Mississippi State.
I have recovered from the bone graft surgery on my collar bone, still battling with some
numbness and small issues, but much improved.
We have filled our free time with sdome home improvement projects, a new floor in out dining area, and a little deck under the big tree in our back yard. Bob even built a big flower bed for me to plant some flowers in. He did a really good job.
We have had all the kids here for "Camp Grandbob", did a few renovatoin projects, in preparation for getting our home on the market next spring.... post Job offer hopefully. I also have begun to pack up the unecessary items, or not frequently used items in the dining room and kitchen, as I know how long it takes me to pack things. I am also back to quilting with lots of breaks.
I have missed the creative side of quilting for my buddies. Many girls have been p
atiently waiting for their quilt to come up in the queu. After Camp Grandbob was over, we drove the 3 oldest grands up to Pennsylvania to meet their other cousins, swim and enjoy the Whalen Family Reunion.
They had a ball...and what trip to Sharon would be complete,
without a trip to Daffin's Candy Store.... and see the chocolate room full of huge animals?
Then on to Pymatuming Dam to Linesville and the fish hatchery, the kids, including the Professor, were blown away.
We also couldn't pass up stopping at the Kids Mills Covered Bridge on the way home!! I think the bridge was a hit too. Aunt Birdie, my younger sister went with us, and we really enjoyed the day. Just wish we could have had a little more time to spend in PA. I so enjoy being around my brothers and sisters. Good times with family! Always a plus!
The kids at the "Punch Bowl", Linesville fish hatchery