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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some local sights I love in South Africa

There ARE some things I am really enjoying in South Africa....have to include some of those on this blog.I love the animal sightings...which will spoil me from ever enjoying a zoo back in the quite the same way! Not only seeing the animals up close and personal..but in the Wide Open Spaces of our local game reserve.If you look at this can see the lovely city of Queenstown in the distance. The small lone mountain near the center of the the one and only mountain of my husband's TOO CLOSE encounter with a cobra...while out walking!

And I couldn't leave out the photo of the newest member of their family. This baby Giraffe was 2 weeks old when we saw him. What a cute baby! Its especially nice to see them like there are no predators in the park...except illegal poachers...or dogs who get loose from nearby farms! So they are relatively safe here. The park also contains Zebra,a lot of buck, Baboons of course, water buffalo and Rhino! We have seen them pretty close....several times.

These particular Rhino were at another National game park, called xhixhlui (pronounced shishlooy) They were everywhere in this particular park...kind of like Elephants in the Kruger by the end of the safari are like, "Ah, its just another Rhino!"
I know it sounds jaded....but you really get that way...we must have seen 30 or 40 Rhino in less than 2 hrs...and NOT an ELEPHANT in sight.Apparently they are long on Rhino and short on Elephants! So there you go! But some of my best memories of South AFrica have been watching the wildlife.

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Owens Family Adventures said...

I think that is sooo neat! You get to see those animals all the time?? Oh, and on your other post..I cannot believe you have to lock yourself up so tight to keep safe. I used to read another blog from South Africa..she talked about the safety as well. You make sure those locks are working!!!
keep safe,