Life has definitely taken me to places I never thought I would go to....but nothing more exciting than where I am right now! Welcome to my world...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Very Quick Post...... And Happy Birthday Lovey!

The weather has turned warmer...and I am trying to get stuck into some quilts that need finishing. It is the Professors birthday today... and our Anniversary. Hard to believe we have been married for 36 years today! I don't have a lot of early photos, we were way too poor..but this is a blast from the past. I had to photograph it as I can't quite figure out this scanner. The Professor has always made me laugh.... more than cry.... and put up with all my evil ways. Thanks "lovey"! Hope we have another 36 years together. This was taken several years into our marriage..about 4, I think. The Professor was still in college...and we loved Stillwater, OK. If I am not mistaken we went to the Cowboy Mall across from campus and ate Pizza. What a splurge!Good times. Funny, but we still like takeout for this special day! Tonight is Chinese!

Now I did also work on a couple of little quilts this week, have been using my time to work on last years buc a block project...and this is how far I have been able to get to....the blocks...and I designed some star blocks to fit into the sashing to create another little interest block. I still have to add borders...but it is getting there.

I also am finishing up a little quilt made by my DD in law, the ever creative Jen. I quilted it and am doing the much hated binding for her. So that it can be sent onto Florida to a new niece.Jen wanted the feathers to follow the Zig Zag, I think that was a good worked out well.

I also did this adorable fairy quilt for a lovely Mississippi gal. It needs to be finished before they leave for the Carolinas. I love the feathers on this one...And it was fun to do too.You may notice the little roll up on the quilt, we made these yesterday at quilt guild. To roll up applique or redwork. I love the fact that it was quick to make and practical too. Our President keeps her DearJane blocks in it to take along. I am so behind on DJ at the moment. But loved this roll up. This last picture is it opened...carrying another mighty old UFO, it may be recognized by some of the Pampa Texas quilt gals...My Friendship blocks from 1999! Shame on me. But they are all now....sewed into blocks finally and about to become a Masterpiece!Until next time! Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How we spent our Christmas vacation........

Just a quick share. We had so much fun visiting our Children this past month. And saw a few fun things along the way. The trip began in Mississippi, Lousiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, then back to Mississippi. Now..... we got to have fun with the grands, baking cookies, watching movies, and even bowling. The kids got into all of it of course.Some, more than others. We also decided to give the bigger kids money... as part of their since cash is cash... we also had been saving our change for the past year..... and it just made sense to give them the whole jar..... let them count it all out..and then divide it three ways. They had almost as much fun counting it out as anything they could spend it on. And after much deliberation, it was decided to buy wood, to make a fort out of. Fun for a long time, I am sure. I also felt like I had to share this picture. As we were driving in Kansas, we spotted a neon signed Hippie van...advertising Chimineas... now , not a one was in sight..but they also seemed to be peddling another product!!!! The sign on the back of the van gave me a chuckle...but maybe it has something to do with growing up in the 60's! Then it was on to see the Princess and her baby brother. Here she is all dressed up...with no place in particular to go! Finally, have just a few quick quilts to share. Sorry for the quality of the photos...but cameras and I are just not on speaking terms. I quilted all of these and thought them all quite nice.