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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Its been a long update on MOM

Well the time has flown, I made it to Pennsylvania ok, and my dear Mom passed away that evening. I was able to spend a few hours with her while she was still able to speak, although she slept most of that time, but those things will be precious memories to me. Of course I hadn't brought any special clothes with me, just jeans and t shirts .... to which my DH said, " Hey, they have Goodwills up there. " He was only kidding, so I quickly purchsed funeral clothes, shoes, and helped take care of a small portion of thearrangements. It was something that I am thankful I was able to do for my brothers and sisters. DH arrived the next day, with some of my children also. Since I do come from a huge family there were a few little dramas. But nothing that couldn't be handled in order to make Mother's service an honor to her. I am thankful for that. It was healing to be with the sisters and brothers also, so I am thankful, I was able to be there and how blessed that I had an airline ticket that didn't have to be changed at the last minute. God certainly saw to my needs.
After returning to Mississippi, I didn't realize just how tired I was.... from all the emotions. I think I slept for a week. Then back to quilting, and last week I got to work in Philadelphia, PA with my sister. We do a conference together, always long hours, but I do enjoy it. I have quilted several quilts this past week, but left my digital camera at quilt guild, and hope to drive down on Tuesday to get it. Will share some pics when I get it. I appreciate all the prayers that came my way, for Mom and the family, they were definitely answered. I haven't even been on any I am off to read all of your news. Have a great week.