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Monday, July 28, 2008

More from both sides of the Atlantic!

Ok, My very clever DD in law, is offering a free download of her invention, Seamingly Accurate. A wonderful tool to assist with consistent seams for any type of sewing...but designed specifically for her quilt patterns. Click the link and download...and what a gift. I have always been challenged... with consistency in seams... and this little gismo is great. She wanted to have it produced in a clear cling to stick to your machine... but the companies wanted a bit too much to produce.... but hey.... free to me is great. Hope you all try it and give her website a look. I already downloaded mine...and am about to put it on my machine.

This is a picture of our gardener in South Africa, wearing an OKLAHOMA STATE shirt we gave him, its the Professor's and DD's alma mater. I took the photo and forgot about posting it. My husband says I have forgotten, we don't have Majuba we went to the store the other day to get the last of a few bedding plants...not much to pick from...and I brought them home...and laid them out on the flower bed...and left them! He said , I guess we'll get Majuba to put them in? I couldn't speak Xhosa, Majuba's language...and he didn't speak we put things out and did lots of pointing! I have also included a little shot of my little side garden...and you may notice the infra red beam( black) box... we had installed to ward off nightime visitors! *S* They also have exposed plumbing pipes outside their idea why. It doesn't get cold enough to cause problems I guess...but it sure seemed cold to me when it was below freezing. The black burglar bars... just seem to slow down a determined they kicked through them twice when breaking in. I think the burglar got such good stuff the first time, he HAD to come back a second time. After the burglar system was installed...we had no more break ins...just sirens in the middle of the night... cause they didn't know about the beam. I have almost finished my unpacking, of course I keep saying that...but it seems to be true! I had to add this picture of Charmagne, a wonderful street vendor, I shopped at her little sidewalk stall all the time. I miss her smiling face, and seeing what new stuff she might have out. This stall was on my way to the fabric I saw her quite often. The next photo is the rest of my lounge, I adore my Korean quilt rack and the screen I bought there. Just need to get my South African paintings, another pillow or two...and hang a quilt and it will be done. This is an old 60's house... and I do like the neutral feel you get in them. Someone remarked on the Pottery Barn lots of garage sales and flea markets. I do love the old junk. Even the sofa came from a yard sale. Since the professor put me on a budget...and I didn't keep much was what we found... just wish I could have been here for their big ...FREE trash day. They say you can really pick up some cool stuff by the roadside....and I do have a pickup!!!! Have a great day...and check out that seamingly accurate freebie.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maybe Forrest Gumps' MOM was right?

I think Forrest's mother was right.You just never do know what you are going to get???? I have been so excited about my workroom..... that is until today.... when it began to rain ..... heavy!!!Yes, I have a stinking leak in my room...not too bad...but all along the edge. Now I can't think of a worse place...for fabric (thankfully all now safe in clear plastic tubs) and scrapbook papers... not in tubs! But safely covered with a blue tarp at the moment. The professor will have to sort.... something before I buy that longarm machine???!!! SHAME as they say in South Africa!!!!! It wasn't a terrible leak...just in corners... but that is enough. And it was raining very hard... for a long time. I was out there putting things on the shelf, and heard the first plop!!! But I will say...that not too much fell....just a tiny puddle...and rather know now than after I had put a machine out there. Maybe I can swap out the spare bedroom.... put the bed ...way far away from the leak... then I 'd only clean out the spiders when we have company, and put the machine in the spare bedroom????? It might work just fine. Don't think the professor will let me spread into another room.... I am too ashamed to take photos of my stash at this point... but what was I thinking? I did find about ....hmmmm..... 8 quilt projects in progress....sad to admit the oldest UFO was from 1991, when my children were still in high school! This stack is in the spare room at the moment and represents the quilt tops and flimsies I finished while in South AFrica. The room still needs paintings that are still stranded with the South African ship....somewhere beyond New York!!! There were three more...that I forgot were on the bed in Master, and hanging up in other parts of the house. I wonder if anyone has a UFO older than 17 years???? I do have an unquilted flimsy..that I hand pieced.... back in 1986 or so. I never quite got round to it. I did SAY I HAD HAND PIECED that top... about a double I think. THat is how I thought it needed to be done back then. Was I crazy!!!!????? Now SWEET P over on her blog... made a challenge about organizing your self. I have always been organizationally challenged... but finally have improved a bit. I took the challenge. I don't have any before photos as she asked...since we ARE moving in just now...but I did manage a few shots of my little kitchen. I still have too much stuff, but weeded out quite a bit, and the first shot is of my everyday dishes, I dont' know why I always felt that I needed to have all umpteen place settings out, especially since the kids all live days journey away now, so I decided to only have half of them out. With the rest safely put up on a shelf( in a box) in the Utility room. It gave me a bit more room for sure. Then I stole DD 's way of storing all those stinking tupperware putting them all in a basket in the DEAD ZONE of the cupboard.I only have to pull out the stack of bowls..which I have out anyway to grab the right bowl. SHE is as organized as I am scattered. I did steal SWEET P's idea of the drawer...that only holds what you are using( you have 6 months to use a utensil..then its OUT!!) This is the tiny drawer that I have. My kitchen is tiny...but attached to a huge dining room. We are trying to get a contractor to give us a quote to build an island between them to give the kitchen larger feel. My little patriots live on an Air Force base...and everyday on the base they play the National Anthem, well the kids were on the slip and slide...and they all stood up... and
put hands to their hearts.I had to grab the camera of course. So their pic is here...and can't leave out the others. The Princess was caught in the act....found another priceless one of her!

Then our youngest, the wee one... giving his HONEY a big smile. What lucky grandparents we are. Have a great weekend. It can only get better for me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not homeless.... and furniture too!!!!HOw lucky can we be????

Ok, we are not homeless anymore...but even better...we have some furniture. I had not saved much.... but did get this great stepchest when visiting South Korea last year.... or at least put my order in for it. Love these things. And on the left side of doorway you can see the cool quilt rack I got there at the same time. Please notice the Professors zebra skin...he is so proud of it. I hate the oddly placed light...which will get replaced...when I can find someone to change it out for me...or show me how. Surely it can't be that difficult????? The professor hates electricity....and painting!!! So it will have to do for now. He has also been enjoying his new little toys.... and since we had Majuba a gardener in South Africa, he is pushing himself to get some yard work done. HAd to include these shots of him "playing"!
The large blue building is my new work room..... complete with lots of ...yuk... spiders at the moment....but about to be sprayed by the real professionals.... very soon as I finish going through boxes of stashed treasures!!! Still have to get the french drain put in... at the back of the house....but so enjoying pulling clothes out of drawers and not suitcases. I have to share the funniest face I have seen in quite a while. Our little princess.... .... no idea how I caught this expression...but way too cute.
I wish I was sewing... but can't do it until I get through with the boxes in the work room. It is pretty rough in there..... but I am so "chuffed" (happy in South Africa) at the space...I don't mind a concrete floor and old white paint. It will just look more homey to me! Hope you all have a lovely week.

Friday, July 11, 2008

We are not homeless anymore!!!!!

Ok, it has been way too long...and I won't even go into all the details...but we have moved...and traveled over 8000 miles since late April.... so gas may be going up because of me!!???? I still have boxes to unpack...more than I care to think about, but at least I can see floor..and we only brought the bulk of our things here on Sunday! I feel like I have gone to heaven... or at least a little part of it! I am not sure just how everything worked out for me to get in the place I am in, but know that the Lord was looking out for me! The first day we "closed " on the house and set up the bed in our family we had painting and a little fixing to do for a couple of days....several neighbors stopped say"hey". One of them was a other was another quilters husband! (Bless him) And the next day another neighbor brought us over a lunch snack. I am not sure that I have ever had watermelon or pimento cheese spread with crackers be so welcome. Then we left to go to Oklahoma and Texas to get the bulk of our things, when we returned....more neighbors, and even a lemon pie!YUM! Now the unpacking in the house...after 4 long days is just about complete...but there is more heaven in my world. I have a huge workroom behind the house...with all MY STUFF.... the good stuff.... fabric and sewing machines in it! I may be very sad to leave this place in a couple of years! Will have to post photos.... when I get around to taking them. I do hope you all are having a great week..... I so AM!!!!! And we got this wonderful fast internet today!!!!!! AHHHHH SIMPLE PLEASURES!!!!