Life has definitely taken me to places I never thought I would go to....but nothing more exciting than where I am right now! Welcome to my world...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snuggy's and good times.....

We are with the grands... and made them all snuggy fleece blankets. They were a hit as you can imagine. We made cookies today...hope to frost and put sprinkles on later tonight. I am enjoying the games...... we have played more board games... and laughed so much. Always fun times. Hope you all are keeping warm. I was so happy when I finished my very last quilt for a customer two days before we left to come to Kansas. And the College "ball wars" are going well. Oklahoma State is at the top of the tree as we speak. We 'll have to see who is the winner on Christmas morning. More good times.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lost but found... How we spent our Thanksgiving vacation.....

I thought I had lost my digital camera...but lo and behold....this AM as I tried to do a quick clean between quilts...there it was under some trimmed batting. Maybe that is where my other lost things can be found???? May need to do a deep clean as soon as I finish up my Christmas rush. Almost caught up with that .Thanksgiving was a quick trip up to Tennessee for time with DD and the Wee One. He kept Grandbob and Honey busy, and of course we had to peruse every sale ad to see if we had to venture out in the wee hours of the morning. DD and I didn't get up until 6...then we went to a few places but not any place that was terribly crazy. I splurged on some new rubber mats for beneath my machine. They are so great on the feet. The very vintage quilt and the wonderful young vet student holding such a wonderful story...I felt I had to share. Her very dearest friend' mother passed away when she was quite young...and she is having difficulty adjusting to her father's new person in his life. So this darling girl bought a vintage quilt, and had me quilt it for her, then she has added photos of her friend with her mother in theplain blocks. Hoping that this will assist her friend with her grief. I acutally cried when she told me the story. What a thoughtful friend Jenny is. I wish I had a photo of the "After" the photos had been added. But I am certain it will be cherished. I have been busy, since just before Thanksgiving, finished a Christmas table topper for my sister, and a Bargello for my friend. Then I put on this UFO.... for the third time.... to finally finish up the white sections. It seemed that every time I put in on my machine, I would get several quilts that needed to be done right away. So it would come back off.I wanted to try something new.
But the nice thing is that I can see some improvement on my quilting. The white sections...are just a practice of a non marked ...meandering kind of formal feathering. I really enjoyed doing it.... very freeing. I also did a few more customer this Block of the month that I had the pleasure of doing. I also did two sweet little ones... that I feel like i had to share.

the last little one is a donation quilt for the Sheriff's dept. We provide them to ride along in the Sheriff's cars, so that if a child needs something for comfort, they can wrap up in something. I loved the Moda fabric my friend used. I wish you could see the quilting.... it is a swirl vine.... then feather bumps in the border.