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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An encounter of the too close kind!

Although this occured a couple of months ago...I have been asked to post it here..... Where to start.???? Bob has been walking the small mountain in our neighborhood a couple of times a week...sometimes during lunch break...sometimes early in morning or after work. Well today...he went on his usual walk while I was I didn't know he had gone. When he walked in, he was all brushburned/scratched up...dirty and practically hyperventillating. I asked him what happened. which he replied...if he didn't have a strong heart...he would be dead! That is a pretty dramatic thing to say...and it did pique my interest to say the least. He then went on to say that while walking....his mountain.....he came up on a huge cobra was raised up in defense...about 2 feet off the ground...and hissing...blown up head....(another defensive move) He said he stopped short of it by about 3 feet...not nearly far enough! He had a walking stick he always takes along in case a babboon doesn't run away from him, but not enough defense against somthing so scary as a cobra. Anyway he took several steps back....ended up slipping off the path...and started falling down the mountain...end over end...lost his stick...hitting things on his way down the very steep incline...and realized he was heading toward the edge of the he gathered his senses....and successfully stopped himself just before hitting the drop off. He was near the top of the mountain...and managed to get home ok minus the stick...a little older, (greyer) and wiser I think. We have more walks without telling me...and he has decided not to walk that mountain again until summer is officially over or winter is officially here....whichever comes first. Actually he said today...he may never walk outside again!According to Bob, the cobra's head looked about 3 ft that moment...and by the time he got done telling it to was even bigger!!! A very scary story...but had to share it with you. Wish I had a photo of that cobra to scrapbook....but Shame he probably would have lost the camera too. Not that I can see him stopping to take a photo before going over the side of the mountain. Now this occured in March, but since I just posted the photo of the the game reserve photos...thougth had to share it with people who hadn't heard his "SNAKE tail". Enjoy your days....but watch where you WALK!!!!

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