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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Latest news.....the blues are gone!

I haven't had the opportunity to blog much lately, been trying to catch up on home things and quilting. I had to have surgery on my broken collar bone, as it had never healed. The Dr. had to do a bone graft, by taking a piece from my hip to fit between the broken ends, then attach a plate and screws. I am most hopeful that this will make me better than new. I didn't get all the customer quilts finished, but the majority of them. We have painted the sheds, no more blue in our yard, just a pretty soft khaki. We also painted the built on addition white... so no more blue, and I painted the little computer room, a soft grey. No more hot pink!!! STill have slip covers to make for my chaise lounge, and some curtains for the bedrooms. But it will get done as soon as I am able to sit in front of the sewing machine. As usual I have managed to misplace my camera, probably with the paint brushes....or as the Professor says, in the oven! Why I can't keep up with some things, I may never know. But at least I have made some progress on the house. If all goes well, it will be on the market in a year, and we can enjoy the changes in the meantime.

The professor has sent out all survey materials for his dissertation, and has received about 25 % back thus far. His goal is about 100 more. So whilst I was in the surgery room, he was stuffing envelopes full of survey for the second mailing. This is very exciting as it means we are almost done, and can begin thinking about moving on with our lives. I believe it is time. These four quilts were made by my friend Judy Stokes, of Columbus MS, she is the president elect for the state guild and I had the privilege of quilting them for her.I adore scrappy quilts, and these were not only pretty, but well pieced also. I adore the balloon quilt made by Martha Dubard, it is so pretty. There are many more to share, if I can ever find my camera? Have a great day, I plan to... as long as the meds hold out. :o)