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Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Houston quilt show photos, customer quilts and guild show and tell, The professor and his shoes....

As I sat on the deck with the Professor this evening.... eating our freshly grilled hamburgers.... I heard him exclaim.... oh man, my shoes don't match.... He had inadvertenly put one brown flip flop...with a mismatched flip flop. I wanted to take a photo....but he was way too embarrassed... so I decided to blog about it anyway. He is getting his doctorate...but can't always match his clothes!Shame! In fact one of our younger grandsons...insists on wearing his little crocs on the opposite feet. Now I dont' think I will wonder just where that come from! The same feet visible in the summer picture above from our last family get together.

I have finished several customer quilts.... and felt I had to share, this one is made with Karen Combs fabric, shade casdade.... very pretty, and I told my friend Katy, who made it as a wedding gift for her niece, sure wish I was her niece! It was a huge king sized quilt....what a great gift. This next one was made by my friend Linda who made it for her
grandaughter, it was so cute...a turning twenty again pattern I think. This lovely rose quilt was made by another friend Marilyn, for herself, lucky girl. It is a pattern from Deloa Jones Scraps Organized Book...wonderful book from what I have seen of it. I didn't quilt the next couple, but this lovely dresden plate was made by my friend Nancy, and quilted by her as well. Then this adorable Paper Doll, was made by my friend, Luanne, what a dear little quilt. The incoming president of our guild, made this great Mississippi State T shirt Quilt for the new football coach, Dan Mullins.... it turned out great. I do love show and tell at Quilt guild. It always inspires me to get to work. Had to share this cute Apron from the Michael Miller schoolhouse....
love those colors. Then lastly.... as we are getting prepared to go watch Florida play at MSU's game in just a bit....will finish off with another color ways of Eleanor Burns Night and Day, that she shared with us during that schoolhouse class at the Houston quilt show. Have a great weekend. I am working on my latest class quilt.... the x is addictive!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Houston quilt show..... Sample Spree and more

Ok, I still haven't quite recovered from Houston...and The Professor isn't feeling well....but I have to share a few photos. Haven't checked out the Houston Quilt show winners...but did find out that this one won best of show....Wow was it a stunner. I wish it was in focus more.... I messed up about half of my pictures...not sure .... why or
how....but this was done... with thread painting by Caryl Breyer Fallert. I took the very poor photo...and someone else took the post on the APQS board and sent it to me in an email. It shows the amazing detail of her quilting. It really was wonderful. My favorite, may have been this wonderful Black and white applique, which was really painted.... it is by Judy Coates Perez. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. I don't know if it was a winner or not...but it was in my book. The quilting so inspired me..that I am about to embark on a Jacobean customer quilt...and may try to do a few extra things in there. It was so awesome seeing some of these up close. But I did forget to say that I got to attend Sample Spree.... and man was that a fun experience. The ladies started lining up at 4 PM, it seemed like more than a thousand..but maybe high hundreds.... although it didn't begin until 8PM....the vendors inside were setting up their booths with wonderful goodies to sell. This was the ART Gallery Fabrics booth.... and

my talented DIL worked for them during the Market. Aren't those little bags, filled with everything necessary to make a project, adorable??? NOw the ladies from the line up, were kind of like the "Brides" trying to get into the GOWN sale...... that we have all seen on tv.....they burst through the doors when they opened....looking for those bargains. Some of these ladies were much nicer than others.....but all in all...don't think anyone was seriously biting, kicking or tackling other quilt ladies to the ground. And it seemed like a pretty fun time to me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Houston quilt show, my new BFF's.......

Well...... I arrived home in the wee hours of the morning.... from Houston Quilt Market. What can I say. Amazing...... IT was totally different than Quilt festival. I think I took about 1200 photos.... the Quilt show had some amazing things in it.....loved the ones from JApan. I think it officially opens don't think I better post any of my photos from the show...but .....the MARKET was even better! I had never before seen the preview of new lines....patterns.... etc. Although I am technically challenged. I decided the Professor should give me EQ6 for christmas and purchased it there. Can't wait to begin to explore the possibilities. Now I treated my self to a few books...and patterns. But the highlight...was rubbing elbows with many of the quilt world wonders. Since the market was venders and wholesalers, it wasn't crowded the way Quilt festival is...and you could see everyone there selling their latest things. Eleanor Burns sold out of her Night and day pattern...which is the gorgous black and white quilt I started with. As I I was walking through the actual quilt show... there is Marianne Fons walking through also. She was approached by someone way bolder than myself...and she turned and told the lady, "I know I look like the lady at your bank, I 'm Marianne Fons". I laughed and thought...well I recognised you just fine! Then My New BFF AMy Butler...was standing wearing some of her beautiful fabric in the Amy Butler booth..... I saw Kaffe Fassett as I got off the elevator in the hotel........ as the Moda banquet was about to begin. My other BFF Eleanor Burns...was standing in the line at the Starbucks coffee line, Ricky Tims was helping in a booth, Pat Sloan having a cuppa in the lounge area, I so tried to be nonchalant about it all...but at least a few of my quilting buddies got calls from me, with a .... "YOU won't believe who I just went into the restroom with???" I managed to take mini classes from Eleanor Burns, Pat Sloan, Harriet HArgrove, Penny Harin..... and saw some very cool schoolhouse classes about EQ 6...which is why I bought it, and the latest fabric lines from Art Gallery Fabrics. Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Helen Stubbings from Australia, Priscilla Bianchi from Guatemala, Sally Schneider, wonderful scrappy quilter and more fabric designers. I had so much fun with the girls, I even got to go to dinner with them.....they know how to have a good time!It was a dance contest at Joe's Crabshack.... good food and great fun! At one point the waiter was dancing on the table....but that photo is pretty out of can still tell we were having fun. There is an amazing part of the quilt show...about Chinese indigo dying..... I will share a photo from that.... it was gorgeous.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Newest Grandbaby and the Houston Quilt Expo.....

This is an introduction to our newest grandbaby....little "True", he looks more like his mama than his dad...but that hair...all my kids looked like baby porcupines!!! I get to see him up close next weekend. Can't wait.

I am off to the Houston Quilt Market in the morning..... thanks to a wonderful DIL, and my bags are being packed now. I have Quilt guild this evening...delivering one quilt...and will pick up some more. Have to share this one I made for my son in laws Rakasaans 101st Airborne unit. Its the one with the Japanese symbol in the center. It is a raffle quilt.There are quite a few customer quilts that I have failed to share.... but I just am so behind on the computer these days. This adorable baby quilt was a hit at the baby shower...what better com
pliment than...
I am so going to use this!"
Then this darling picture of me walking with the wee my brothers back yard. We had such a good the lake. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A visit with the wee one..... another MSU - LSU football game...and mud up to the......

I have been "abroad" again, as in visiting my mom in was also an opportunity to meet the wee one and DD as well visiting also. Now, the wee ones reaction to my brothers borrowed mustang convertable...was about the same as his much older grandbob!!!! He was trying to figure out where to put the key in this photo! We also had to take him to Santa's workshop at the Kraynak's nursery .... a wonderful place to see beautiful Christmas trees and winter scenes. The wee one especially loved the elmo tree...but they all were wonderfully decorated. Then it was off to Daffin's candy shop....for their delectable chocolates..... don't think he fully appreciated this...but we sent off goodie boxes to the rest of the family..... and KNOW they all loved theirs. It was a wonderful visit with my mother and most of my brothers and sisters. Always a treat. Then back to Mississippi for another wet n rainy football game. This time ..... I thought I was better prepared. Had rain ponchos..... and we drove in to park in the student parking area. It was a big SEC game against LSU.... and we do have LSU connections.... as DS1 and DDil both granduated from LSU..... so had to be kind to the visiting fans.... It was a Mississippi State "white Out", fun to see and be a part of. BUt the real fun began
when we returned to the "grassy " parking area...only to have our truck stuck up to its hub caps in the mud!!! So we walked home......The Professor was not happy ....and sure didn't want me to take photos......but I sneaked in one on the way home...(sorry big guy) He was muddy, wet and ..... well we will leave it at that. We did manage to go back much later in the day...after the sun came out...and there were fewer cars in the lot..... and get it UNSTUCK.... so it is just another adventure to remember! ANother fun day in the life of an OLD college couple. We are off to another game here in a few minutes...and I am so hoping rain... NONE is forecast for today. Many more quilts to share....and will do so much more quickly next few days.Hope you all have a great weekend.