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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Maybe the best diet in the world????

Something truly disgusting. I have tried many new foods while traveling around the world, some I loved...some I felt compelled to try because of the once in a lifetime experience, like eating a Mopani worm at an African Cultural Village.Some I thought I might be able to eat...but in South the So Mun Market I spied /smelled some of the nastiest stuff I have EVER encountered!I mean when you are talking "Stanky" this stuff really was! While walking the market with my daughter in law, Jen, I avoided the most horrible areas of the market..having been forewarned. But the tolerable places contained something I HAD to see! It is called, Pondiggy.....a kind of brown, larva.... which on closer inspection ....resembled a cockroach belly. These things are sold boiled in a little cup, and if you can believe it...there was a line that I had to wait in to buy this delicacy. I didn't want to offend the vendor who sold it to me, by trying it in front of her "stand" in case it wouldn't stay down, so after buying my little cupful, I proceeded round the corner to have a photo op! The problem came while looking down into that cup, at those little brown things, I manage to spear one on the provided toothpick...and the little kids standing near me...were finishing theirs off with relish! But as I brought it towards my mouth....I just couldn't permit it to break the barrier! So I had Jen take the photo....and I very quickly asked a mom of one of the children standing near me...if the kids wanted a TREAT!!!And passed my goodies off to them! This is their idea of FAST FOOD! The market was full of very Unusual food items....some still alive!Definitely not for the faint at heart....and remember I didn't go to the REAL NASTY part of the market. Their supermarkets had very FRESH foodstuff as well, if you know what I mean by fresh! I just don't enjoy picking out live stuff to eat.Give me ready made any day of the week. To each their own...and I have to admit...I never saw an overweight person in South Korea the whole time I was maybe a little FRESH goes a LONG way and could be the best diet out there for those wishing to lose!That's all I'm saying!!!!

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