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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The latest customer quilts and grandbaby pictures....

This is LuLu and her Grandbob and the Oklahoma State quilt I made for them, it is just a little picnic/tailgate quilt...but shows the school colors!!! These are a few of the quilts I have had the pleasure of quilting during the last 2 + months... I have quilted a lot more. But this is a start of the Christmas rush for me.......It was fun doing each of them...and seeing the lovely work each of these ladies did. I have more to share...and hope to post again soon. Did about 50....since I started back to quilting after the auto accident. In order t

this one is mine... and I wanted th hide the poor piecing with lots of quilting.... It didn't work...but I dont' really mind.

It has been forever and a day since I last posted...but have been very busy. Just spent a lovely couple of days with the grands. The Princess loves her chickens, so I had to get a photo. Also sharing several photos of customer quilts that were finished before Christmas... thankfully.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Updates... and pics of last guild quilts...

The Professor is in the middle of taking his PHD comprehensive exams, so much gnashing of teeth and heavy concentration going on at our house. When he completes his last exam, assuming he gets a thumbs up on continuing.. he will have earned the PH of the PHD. We seem to celebrate every milestone ... in this lengthy process. So two more weeks of studying... and hoping I can get some of my little piles picked he has been so busy with school, he hasn't had the opportunity to notice the many new piles of sewing I seem to have accumulated. :o) We did have a nice little respite today, when a neighbor shared football tickets with us to go and see Mississippi State play the Georgia Bulldogs. MSU was victorious and it was nice to be caught up in the whole SEC football entusiasm. I have been very carefully expanding my quilting time, easing into longer sessions...and paying attention to when I feel too fatiqued to continue. So with many breaks during the day, I am starting to get caught up with the many quilts I had to do when I was in the auto accident. I think I did about 5 since my last post. But have once again misplaced my camera..... so instead will share a few photos from our last guild meeting. We took a class from Beth Ferrier and she taught us machine applique tips. Katie did this wonderful little practice piece from the class. I did enjoy this time with the girls...although it was about 3 weeks after my accident, and I was still in a sling. I wonder how many quilt teachers have people show up in slings... with their sewing machine. I simply had to learn the techniques... and had already paid for the class... so I was going to learn. Fortunately had some wonderful neighbors who helped me press and keep my bits together. I have been given this lovely bullseye quilt to quilt, love the fact that she turned the bullseyes into pumpkins. It will be going on the machine in the next 2 weeks if all goes well. My friend Nancy is quilting this darling scrappy baby quilt. Love the look of this one. Then some snippets wall hangings from a work day we had recently. Very cute and both ladies
deserved credit with all those little bitty pieces. I think one used tweezers to place hers! But such fun results. And lastly, Janie is a new quilter.... and shared her t shirt quilts. Can you tell she is an Indians fan?

Hope to get some time to quilt tomorrow... I really want to do a quilt of mine, before the Mississippi Quilt Association fall gathering, which is coming up in mid. October. So need to use my time wisely. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some more finishes.....

Continued improvement on my shoulder and neck... maybe mentally too, actually driving myself now, which is such a blessing. I understand now, why so many seniors hate to lose that part of their life. I was going a bit stir crazy, must admit. But maybe the best therapy is that I have begun easing into quilting again. And so enjoying working on the various quilts my customers have gifted me to do for them. Have done several for customers during the past week or two. Love this adorable pink one for a customers grandaugther. The gold and burgundy is not very clear unfortunately, but it was a very pretty fall quilt. I hate

that I didnt' get a very clear photo of it. The hot pink fuschia x block quilt is next. I like that she didn't use black as I did in mine. But hers is finished, mine isn't quilted yet. Then this pretty log cabin, is next. It is done with wonderful Christmas fabrics. Lastly is a quilt that needs to be sent off to Northern MS for a customer. I loved the African fabrics she used, it isn't a panel though the piecing doesn't show in photo well. But she did use the animal strips very effectively. I do love the variety I get to see from my customers. So much fun for me, and I am not a very clever piecer, so its always fun to see something I would never piece for myself. I am blessed for sure. The professor is taking his comprehensive exams starting in about 10 days. They last 3 weeks, and then he will go to a conference in North Carolina and present a paper, that is to be published in a professional journal in the spring. I am so proud of him. Once he gets past this big exam I think our life will get a bit more normal for us. I am looking forward to that. Hope to get a few more quilts done soon. I have a couple that are needing to be completed by next weekend. So need to get busy. My DD in law has a pattern in a McCall's magazine this month, think it is Quilter's World, a purse pattern for a new feature in the magazine. She is a wonderful designer.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A FINISH..... finally to share.

Finally finished the quilt started before the accident. A gorgeous applique quilt by Martha Dubard of Louisville, Mississippi. I adored this quilt. She calls it Mama's Garden as it reminded her of her mom's garden of many years ago. I did McTavishing behind all the applique. It turned out very well.I know that these photos were taken before I completed the outside border... I can't figure out where I hid the finished ones on the computer.... hmmmmm. No telling. I am also sharing a few other photos of finished quilts for others from before the accident as well. A grandmothers flower garden, and a darling Sudoku quilt. She wanted the numbers from the puzzle on the quilt to complete the theme. I loved her fabrics too. Most are from guild members from I had several to do for them. I also have just about completed another one for a gal. It is going into the Pine Belt quilt show...for the Log cabin challenge. Will post that one next time. No pictures. I think it is a very pretty quilt.

And how could I not share this silly photo of the wonderful rascal who has been stealing all the bird seed, he has even pried open the 5 gallon pail with all the seed inside...and emptied it! Quite the scavenger , he is. I am hoping to finish the other quilt on the machine tomorrow. Only quilting about an hour a day... so it is slow going. Have a great couple of days.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another day in the life......

I have been recovering from my accident slowly. Collar bone still not healed, still can't drive, but I did use my dsm this past finally add the borders on two quilts.These have been waiting a long time. If fact, these blocks I have had as a friendship exchange, from my old guild in Pampa,Texas since 1999.Shame on me, they are from the last millenium! I had cut the border sashings and blocks several months ago at a sit and sew, but never put them together. I decided to add the inner sashings... and much to my chagrin, found out that I was about 1/4th yard short of the sashing material.... so hubby drove me to the fabric shop, which you know he adored, and thank goodness they still had a little left of this. So I bought the last 2 yds, and proceeded to cut the last 2 strips I needed. I think for a "tween " turned out fine. No idea when I will get to the actual quilting of it, but it is a finish. DD and her family came for a quick visit, and
its amazing how quickly newborns change.The Wee one's sister is so much bigger. We had to take a photo of her by "Bully" on the MSU campus. Her big brother was about the same age, when we took his photo there. Time surely moves by quickly. Of course, Grandbob had to take the Wee One on a lawn mower ride... he calls it a tractor... so that must be the excitement. One of the girls from the Starkville guild made the cutest pumpkin Bullseye quilt. I thought it was adorable. More to share later. Hope to be back blogging more regularly.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh Happy Day.....

My sling is off... for most of the day... Dr. approved! I start a little rehab on the shoulder... just light until the collar bone finishes healing...but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hate not being able to drive...but really couldn't do any turns safely... with one arm. It is getting old being stuck...with nothing but my thoughts...reminding me of everything that I'd like to get on with. Have to share one photo. taken by my dd in law. She thought it as funny as me. Since we live in Starkville, Mississippi, this is a TAXI(???) that sits in the parking lot of one of the shopping centers. Never seen it on the road...may have to call for a ride...just to prove they really drive it! dd' in law's photo of my lovely grandaughter doing free motion quilting. Can't wait for her to test drive my long arm... she is getting so grown up!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still alive..... trying to catch up......

It has certainly been a long time. Where to start. The professor has finished all
studying for his comprehensive exams. Yeah!

The fabric shop I work at is closing at the end of August. I had been trying to catch up on quilting... to no avail. I was blessed to be asked to teach a Machine Quilting class for the Mississippi Quilt Association's summer gathering... a wonderful opportunity, and loads of fun with some wonderful ladies. All of our wonderful children and grands arrived for "Camp Grandbob" last Friday.... for a week full of fun. In fact, the oldest Grand, designed T shirts for Camp Grandbob, full of memories from celebrations past. The hillbilly pool was in place, we made homemade ice cream, had Birthday cake for all of our babies, picked blueberries from the wonderful blueberry patch, and tomatoes and squash from the garden. We ate watermelon, ribs, burgers and pizza. Played games, including guitar Hero and the Wii fit. We even had outdoor movies in the back yard, thanks to DS1 and his projection tv set up. Fireworks were set off... most of them safely....but at least one landed on the deck! I missed that I was in the Emergency Room. DH sent me to the store on July 3, to get more citronella oil for the tiki torches...and whilst on the way there, another car, ran the red light....and slammed into me. Broken collar bone and displaced something or other. I am mending but very sore. So won't be doing much quilting for a couple of weeks at least. I am most sad, because the kids arrived on Friday...and this occured on Sat. So not much time to cuddle the two newest babies pictured here. The last photo is post accident... the kids weren't all cooperating...but I love it just the same. No makeup, sling, ice pack and all. Shame. I am picking this out with one hand... so must keep it short.