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Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Easter belatedly, Baby Door Badge, Quilt blocks and other things.

Special thanks to all the well wishers for the littleMan. OK, its been awhile.Where does the time go..... with a new baby???? I really don't remember them being time consuming??? Of course maybe that is because I am an old lady with "Sometimers". Meaning I can't remember stuff ....sometimes. But I never showed the Baby door badge, I made for our "WEE" one to hang at hospital and on front door when we brought him home. Its a TEXAS thing I think??? Used to make them for the flower shop I worked at when we were still there. Its pretty much a TEXAS HOMECOMING MUM, in baby colors! Also, wanted to show I did actually sew a couple of squares.... who remembers how long ago? My weeks seem to be running together and going nowhere...if you catch my drift.I have actually started to sew on my Baltimore blocks I sit quietly ..... while my eyes still focus...and before I fall asleep! I have today begun to cut some strips to work on the SOUTH AFRICA letters, aka, Tanya style, that I hope to add to my South African Memory Quilt very soon....AND made a stack of Scrapbook pages.... without photos...on them yet..... because I have so many pics to get developed.... that I know I will have photos to go on the nearly 25 pages I have put together. I am so jealous....seems like when I want to/feel like sewing....I am either too tired to start a project... or not in mood to mess up DD's place. So I am going to work on organizing my that I can cut...and putter over books....when the mood strikes me. I did break down and buy both the Civil War Quilt books. But can't even think about starting them....until I get finished with this last star quilt. Think I may put these on point in Medallion shape first...then add the other blocks to the edge. I only have 10 finished so far.... so more to make in order to finish. I am also sharing a photo of DD's quilt that she made for a beginners class she took. It is so fresh and colorful.Hope you all are having a lovely, spring week. I am loving the signs of Spring here. Have a lovely next couple of days.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top o' the Morning to you..... a bit late.

Ok... another quickie. We had to wish you all a belated Happy St. Pat's Day..... of course there was no green beer for the "wee" one! And had to post photos of the goodies in my fabric box from South Korea. Thanks loads JEN at Wacky Happenings... for those. Can't wait to come up with something to make with them.The wheels have started turning though already! We are still adjusting to this new baby.... not got much time to be online.... but DD can start driving again soon... and then she'll have a little more freedom.The Wee doing quite well.... in all the usual baby ways. I am looking forward to going for a visit to other baby, very soon. Get to babysit while they go on a camping trip in about a month....what a pleasure. Hope al lof you have lovely week...its raining.... lots of terrible wind... and more shingles off the roof. The roofer has been here 5 times since I came, just about once a week! Can't wait till the windstorms subside.Happy sewing to you all. Have had 8 blocks of unfinished quilt sitting by machine since I came home with baby from hospital.... shame.... need to get motivated!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

He is here! And is it possible to be more tired.

The baby's Room is finished.... and

Our Dear Baby is here. Mom and baby have had a little bit of drama...but we are all doing well. As the "HONEY" ( what my other Grandkids call me) of the baby....I have discovered..... That I remember nothing about having babies! And what I do remember is ALL WRONG!! Its a wonder, my own children survived. Now there is no giving any water to new babies, they should not be covered with blankets....YOU DRESS the BABY, NOT the BED! And they NEVER sleep like my kids did..... its all info from the internet...and none of it is cohesive.... so it makes these new moms crazy with worry about every thing..... not just my daughter...but every new mom I saw in hospital. Thank goodness, common sense does enter into some of all this. DD and baby are getting along very well....we go to Dr. tomorrow to have baby checked out .... the weather has been gorgeous here.... and tomorrow its supposed to give us some rain. I wanted to tell you all that he is here.... well, quite cute...and my babies weren't he must get that from the other side of the family! I haven't sorted out how one sleeping, crying, eating baby....of 5 days old....can wear out two full grown women! I just don't remember being this tired.... so it must fade with time! In fact I was so tired that .... a wonderful parcel arrived...and sat by the front door for two I was too tired to poen it...EVEN though I knew there was fabric from DD in law in South Korea!!!! YIKES! That isn't tired.... that is EXHAUSTION!!!! Will photo some of the lovely goodies in that box the next time I get to the computer.