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Monday, August 27, 2007

Lights out in South Africa

Well, another power our neck of the woods!I do get tired of these outages...which occur almost as frequently as changing underwear....maybe more frequently than that for Teenage boys that I remember when they were young! Yikes, I won't reveal names so as to protect the! I managed to finish piecing a baby quilt for my friends second grandbaby, hope to maybe "sandwich" up tomorrow, then begin machine quilting...if I have power!??? I did sew on a Patriotic quilt...just not happy with the way it is going....It needs something to add a little ooomph!Not sure what. Also sewed up all red/cream/white leaders and enders into squares....had 70 four patches...very happy about that. I also started sewing up some of the navy/tan ones I had ready to begin....leading and ending with. I do love Bonnies hints.... Hope to get those all sewed up this see what I have.Then plan to start the mile a minutes....using up all my accumulated scraps from the various quilts I have going! I am teaching scrapping tomorrow some of the girls I crop with regularly. They were going through my book last week...decided they want to copy' or "scraplift" some of my I said fine, next weeks crop.It is here already. I only have two months until I go to the US once again...will only be there for a month, then back to South AFrica for another 2 months, then permanently back to the US.. But need to get so much sewing done before then. Have to use up my fabric highly motivated. Think I may not go to the haven't been in quite a while....but love to have a "reason" not to go!!!! Maybe I'll go sit on the bikes for a half hour. Hate taking the time to do the class...when we always seem to be waiting....when I could have sewed a few extra min. I am making a plan to sew every least an hour. If I have full days...will have to get up earlier and I hate that more than the gym! .And hope that we have power...since I'm not sewing on a treadle machine. Now kind of wish I had bought the treadly I saw at the used furniture store.It would definitely come in handy the past couple of weeks. Hate not having power...for hours at a time. At any rate....going to scrap in AM, then sew at least an hour...if not more tomorrow aternoon. About to go to bed has turned much colder today....going to be below freezing tonight, at -1 C. Just hope we keep some can keep the chill out of the lounge, with the small oil heater we have. We have no heat built into our home, so it can get very cold, when it stays cold and is overcast. Hoping for sun, which always chases away the chill. Thankfully, the security system at the house has a battery we are safe even with no electric as long as the battery lasts. Hope to take some photos tomorrow of some of the MIP's (Masterpieces in Progress..)

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The Jen said...

MIP's thats funny. Way better than Works In Progress or Un Finished Objects. ~jen~