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Monday, August 24, 2009

A happy little helper.... and using his power tools.... and the Houston Quilt show!!!

Ok, its been a busy time... getting the Professor ready for school again! He is keeping very busy, and so am I, I had to share a photo of the wee one.... I took. He was helping with the vacuuming. His parents have to spell the word out...if they say vacuum, he demands that they use it...and hold him to "help" push. He is a funny little boy. Then these funny little kids were trying to get people to go to their garage sale.
I had to snap their picture .
The little "box head" was too funny. And the Professor and I are hosting a little get together for the graduate students in his program this coming of course he decided that the deck needed to be power washed and resealed before might as well do it now. Had to snap a photo of him "playing" with his power tools.... He is so focused when he has a project that he has to get done. Of course I have been quite busy with quilts..... just finished a really fun one. A quilt totally made from Crown Royal bags. I just did interlocking circles in all of the squares and it turned out cute I thought. But I also did a couple of more involved quilts. One just glowed and was such fun to do.... I enjoyed looking at it the whole time I quilted the design. Then there was a darling little Moda quilt my friend Angela left for me to work on. I adored those colors!!! I trust you all will have a great day.... I am loading another quilt in the morning.... always something to do .... and I even have almost finished my little orphan 9 patch. Will share photos soon. OH, I almost forgot...thanks to my daughter in law... I am being given the opportunity to go to Houston Quilt Market ..... I am sOOOOOOO excited!!! Now I really have to save some of my quilt money to pick up a few little somethings while I am there.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Reunion, the Grands and a few quilts....

Where has the time gone? I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. We just had a whirlwind trip to see my mother, and saw all of my brothers and sisters as well. On top of that, there was a wonderful get together, reunion for my fathers side of the family, saw my aunts and many cousins. What a wonderful time...even with the rain!!Many of these cousins I hadn't seen in several years, nobody lives close! Shame as it was such fun catching up on their lives. I had to post a few more pics from our visit with the grands.... the little boys had to take a drive on the lawn mower, they really enjoyed the drive!
We had a terrible wind storm come up here and the next door neighbor's 75 foot tree...uprooted and landed in the other neighbors yard. Terrible for them...but I was certainly glad it didn't fall my way on one of our cars. The other night as we sat on the deck, I happened to look up.... and just above our head, it was like a scene from the movie, THE BIRDS!!! Above us on the electric lines there were gathered black birds... and not just a few! In fact I ran into the house to get my camera...and there were so many when I came looked like swarms of flies in the air...but all those black spots are birds who took off from the roof and wires!!!! It really creeped me out... just a bit!!!Maybe they are the ones that have been pecking my tomatoes. Whilst visiting my mom.... one of my brothers lent me....or maybe I should have said the Professor and myself, his Mustang convertable. I had to snap the Professor driving it....... He had just looked over at me and said, " this car wants to go fast!" Of course he resisted the urge...but it was a fun car to drive! I think you can tell we enjoyed driving it.
Have to post a few pics of the actual reunion. These are the cousins, or some of the crazy ones anyway. And of course a picture of 10 of my brothers
and sisters with my mother. A few had left and some hadn't arrived yet, but we took a break in the rain as our photo opp. One of my aunts and her family.... always an opportunity for devil horns!And another cousin, with her family. It was such a good time. this of my brothers had just fallen into the lake...with his clothes on.... I had to snap it. Just wish I had been down at the lake to get that shot!
I have to finish with one of my quilt guild ladies quilts....isn't it stunning. .One of the ladies, a wonderful quilter, Martha Dubard, did a quilt trunk show for us... she shared some lovely quilts with us. This was my favorite.... or maybe this one.... well ...I really likes all of her quilts. I have quilted 3 quilts and part of another since Monday when we got home...but not taken photos yet. Have a great weekend.