Life has definitely taken me to places I never thought I would go to....but nothing more exciting than where I am right now! Welcome to my world...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A FINISH..... finally to share.

Finally finished the quilt started before the accident. A gorgeous applique quilt by Martha Dubard of Louisville, Mississippi. I adored this quilt. She calls it Mama's Garden as it reminded her of her mom's garden of many years ago. I did McTavishing behind all the applique. It turned out very well.I know that these photos were taken before I completed the outside border... I can't figure out where I hid the finished ones on the computer.... hmmmmm. No telling. I am also sharing a few other photos of finished quilts for others from before the accident as well. A grandmothers flower garden, and a darling Sudoku quilt. She wanted the numbers from the puzzle on the quilt to complete the theme. I loved her fabrics too. Most are from guild members from I had several to do for them. I also have just about completed another one for a gal. It is going into the Pine Belt quilt show...for the Log cabin challenge. Will post that one next time. No pictures. I think it is a very pretty quilt.

And how could I not share this silly photo of the wonderful rascal who has been stealing all the bird seed, he has even pried open the 5 gallon pail with all the seed inside...and emptied it! Quite the scavenger , he is. I am hoping to finish the other quilt on the machine tomorrow. Only quilting about an hour a day... so it is slow going. Have a great couple of days.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another day in the life......

I have been recovering from my accident slowly. Collar bone still not healed, still can't drive, but I did use my dsm this past finally add the borders on two quilts.These have been waiting a long time. If fact, these blocks I have had as a friendship exchange, from my old guild in Pampa,Texas since 1999.Shame on me, they are from the last millenium! I had cut the border sashings and blocks several months ago at a sit and sew, but never put them together. I decided to add the inner sashings... and much to my chagrin, found out that I was about 1/4th yard short of the sashing material.... so hubby drove me to the fabric shop, which you know he adored, and thank goodness they still had a little left of this. So I bought the last 2 yds, and proceeded to cut the last 2 strips I needed. I think for a "tween " turned out fine. No idea when I will get to the actual quilting of it, but it is a finish. DD and her family came for a quick visit, and
its amazing how quickly newborns change.The Wee one's sister is so much bigger. We had to take a photo of her by "Bully" on the MSU campus. Her big brother was about the same age, when we took his photo there. Time surely moves by quickly. Of course, Grandbob had to take the Wee One on a lawn mower ride... he calls it a tractor... so that must be the excitement. One of the girls from the Starkville guild made the cutest pumpkin Bullseye quilt. I thought it was adorable. More to share later. Hope to be back blogging more regularly.