Life has definitely taken me to places I never thought I would go to....but nothing more exciting than where I am right now! Welcome to my world...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things that shift when ....they really shouldn't!

A very quick hello....been traveling.... have been to visit our dear "little Princess"...DS and wife's darling girl. Hate not to post a photo...but can't find the stinking camera cord.... as traveling Pennsylvania...and cursing the price of gas... under my breath at least! I feel like I have done not much else but drive lately.... Maybe I am the reason gas is going up at the pumps??? At any rate, most of my brothers and sisters came to meet this daughter in law, she took it all in stride, even though a visit to my mom's is almost equal to a trip to the Haunted house! Very old Victorian structure.... not in best of shape, actually we have a rule ..or had a rule with my children for the last 20 yrs or so...that if they heard a rumbling noise coming from inside the house, to run outside quickly as it meant the house was finally slipping over the cliff edge!Not one bit funny, but totally true!Mom's house is on a cliff like hill....very steep...and slowly the hill has eroded....but also the condition of the house has gotten worse as well, we can't seem to coax her into consider selling the get a much easier on the knees one floor home, and it is her right to live where she wants.She raised her children .....etc. in that house. So she'll probably remain until it falls down around her ears...or really does slip over the edge! It once was a stunning old house, 4 fireplaces, stained glass windows,lead glass china cabinets built in to the walls, 11 foot ceilings, pocket doors... front hall steps...and of course servants stairs and a maids room in the attic. A really pretty home... but old homes need plumbing, wiring, ..... dare I suggest paint at least once in 20 yrs? I was never raised there, as I had married by the time the parents moved in, so I am the least sentimental about the homestead, and far too critical about what needs to be done also. That said, I have planned a quilt ....loosely based on the stained glass window in the hall foyer, and would like to incorporate a quilt sketch of the house...surrounded by the white picket fence border...with all the descendents names printed on each picket! I think that might be a treasure to pass down. And lets face it, by the time I get the quilt finished there will be well over 100 descendents..... now that is amazing!DD and I are here visiting, we have a wedding...( so another descendent is being added to the mix!) on SAturday, I am helping decor for the hall...then it is off back to TENNESSEE, and my husband is arriving from South Africa next weekend. What a time we are going to have. It is so exciting to think about house hunting, and packing/unpacking things that have been stored...for over 5 years! It will be like Christmas!!!! REALLY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Now of course being reunited with "the professor" will be the highlight...but it will be fun, to start sorting .... scratching through some of our STUFF. I CAN HARDLY WAIT... to start sorting!!!!! HAve a great weekend, I plan to!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

a new adventure is about to begin......

OK, Just back from a quick trip to Starkville, MISSISSIPPI, where the professor is going to be going shortly.DD, the wee one and myself went for a road trip to check out housing.Housing prices were a bit of a shock...but it is a college town...after all. But the campus is so pretty, and since the professor SAYS he reads my blog...thought I would post a few pics for him. Didn't get great photos...but since no quilting had to include a pic of one I made DD for her college graduation.It incorporated messages from many family members...then was put together in this way. I am off to see DS and daughter in law...and baby.... our little princess. So will be gone for a couple of days, hope you all have a great weekend. I am going to!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Much ado about nothing.........

Where has the month gone???? Last month of course! I have been to Pennsylvania to see my many brothers and sisters... and mother, they were all introduced to the Son in law...who was in on furlough from Iraq...and since the family is so large...only about half had met him at the wedding. A good time was had by all, I bought way too much food for the family party we had last Sunday afternoon... but when some of my sisters...have over 10 kids... nothing goes to waste! We sent home sodas and food with just about everyone.I ejnoyed seeing all of my family.Only two brothers couldn't make it so it was a good time. The son in law took it all in stride. Its a good thing his family likes to show up to visit.... I told him he'd fit right in.... except in our family, they all bring their kids too!So way more little kids around. We will all be getting together for a nephew's wedding later in May...and it is in Pennsylvania...where all but two of us still live. I have done so little sewing except hand quilting on my big quilt.But I have been searching for an older model make up for the one I had in South Africa...and left behind... as it was 220 electricity.If any one knows where I can find an 830 reasonable.... I have been bidding on everyone that comes up on ebay...but lost out on all of them so far.At least I am being somewhat productive. I have just sorted fabrics...and cut up some Libby did, she just inspired me to go through one small box ...but at least it is done when I do get my machine.I have a featherweight in TX....but since we won't be heading up there until later in June, I am cutting or "stripping" until then. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My dear son in law is returning to Iraq I am helping with the home front. Keep us in your prayers!