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Thursday, August 30, 2007

ANother Day in my world!!!!!! has turned cooler again...but at least we had power! I know the old adages...about the best laid plans....ya da ya da ya da..... and If you aim at nothing you will HIT it every time....but I had such plans the first thing I did this morning...after standing in line at the post pick up the books.....For my little township library....YES.... the AIR MAIL packages sent in MAY full of books.......finally arrived!!!!! I received the notification about their arrival...and hurried to post office at 8:30 (opening time....every day except Wednesday???? Not sure why WED. is different) but arrived with 7 people in front of me. And they were painfully slow...when it was finally my took her 15 min. to go back and forth to the back room....( the secret room...where all the mail is kept) and then she came out and informed me that the parcels had been sent to Ezibeleni post office. Now Ezibeleni is the township ....where my little library is located...but they were addressed to I queried this...and this especially cheeky employee told me that indeed it had an EZEBELENI stamp on that is where it was!Now there was also a registered letter I asked if I could have that. She then ...with attitude .....said "It has an EZIbeleni stamp on it is there also." I further asked her why the books would be sent there, when they had always been sent to my house in Queenstown....all she did was say they were "OVER THERE" and pointed toward EZIBELENI! Iam getting a bit ticked off by this time...and I told her I have no idea where in that township the post office is.....? She shrugs her shoulders at me.Well, that really wasn't the right thing to do ....I am spitting mad now! So I went to the gentleman at the end of the counter...and ask if I might see the Post Master....he points me back around the the main post office.(let me explain that here....we have to pick up our postman ....when he feels like it ...delivers bicycle...or leaves slips in your post box at the house...telling you to pick up things.They do not pick up have to take it to the post office and drop it in the outside mail box.I get wrong mail for other people all the wonder what doesn't make it to me?????? At any rate...I walked around the building...out the side door...back into the front door to the main part of the post office, where they stamp in NOTARIZE...not post stamp....or make copies or up until they shut down the lottery last Jan....for corruption/collusion....sold lottery tickets, and they pretty much did just about everything but sell stamps! At any rate, I entered the main part of the post office...only to encounter the dreaded steel doors!They are at every bank...and now that the post office ....yes is a bank too...... they have bullet proof glass doors...on steel frames....and you have to open the first door....let it shut...all the which time a red light inside turns green...then you can open the second door and actually enter the "POST OFFICE". So I go through all that...and every time I have to do this at a BANK..... I pray there is no fire...because HOW COULD YOU GET OUT QUICKLY????? I enter the Post office...and head toward the Enquiries sign...only to find no one I am standing in front of branch manager door...employees only..when a very unsuspecting woman opens that door.I immediately say I wish to see the post master.She invites me in...there is a gentleman in there and he asks what I need.I ask why parcels addressed to me have been sent to Ezibeleni???He looks at my slips...then says WHO helped you? I told him...and HE Practically dragged me BACK to the PARCEL pick up point. HE then sorts another person to contact that post office....and get my books sent back to this post office.He chats up the SURLY girl, and he informs me that she will help me find the registered IT IS THERE!!! IN THIS POST OFFICE!!!! She managed to find it in less than a minute....and then I did the PICK UP your passport, sign documents...... stinking cheek! I can only say that because I know I am in South AFrica...I did ask if the parcels would be delivered to Queenstown POst office by next WEDNESDAY, as in 4 business dayS???? IT is only about 9 miles away.....but I have no intention of driving into an unfamiliar they sometimes have demonstrations and have burning tires on the Its not a safe thing to do. I feel very comfortable taking my books into the I know where it is...and its only 1 block off the main road...very safe....but not a clue where I would have to go to get the post there. Now this took so long, that I only managed to finish sewing the leaves on Baltimore block...started sewing cherries this afternoon.But I did start to sew MAM's .... MIle a minute blocks.....Boy, it would have gone smoother if I was an organized kind of girl...didn't have strips cut small enough....but they are addictive. I wish I could show you what progress I made???? But my newest digital broke a couple of weeks using the old one kids gave me...and being the disorganized person I have been the last couple of weeks...have lost the cables to the old digital camera....With no ability to uplaod to computer, I must dig them out from who knows what corner I plopped them in. At any me....I made sandwich for baby quilt...then started the MILE A MINUTES!!!! Have about 50-75 in various stages of completion....Hope to finish those tomorrow...and start another navy and white quilt....using all stash fabrics! OF COURSE!! I have been so good....not bouught any fabric since Korea in April! May get done with last 4 rows of tesselation center as well. I plan to sew all morning...then scrap in the afternoon!I have no obligations...unless I have to go stand in the Queue at the post office AGAIN TOMORROW!!!!Have a great day....I did today once I sat at the sewing machine! I do think sewing is way CHEAPER than therapy!!!!!

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