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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Neighbors house burgled last night.....

The burglaries in our area seem to be coming more frequently. The girl who has a scrap store in her house...was burgled on Friday night...along with three others, all in about 3 blocks of our home. Then last night the next door neighbor's home...was entered.They got over the "spikes" on the brick wall totally surrounding our property,past the locked perimeter gates, then entered the neighbors veranda...after slicing through the plastic blinds, which provide shelter from wind on her back veranda. They managed to unplug the stereo on veranda, raid the fridge they keep for guests who stay in their b and B, then the security alarm went the burglar/s ran, the security company came...noticed a guy down by the corner...when they gave chase...he dropped the bag of goodies he was carrying...and got away.The bag contained outdoor lamp components...outdoor lights!Now why you 'd steal those...including the big light bulbs...I have no idea.But hope we have an uneventful night tonight. This occured about 3:15 AM. So really need a good night's rest. I have things to do in the morning. I'm hoping to sew on Baltimore block no 8 tomorrow.It is partially completed...but loads of hand applique.Took photos of the completed ones ...but I am already locked in my bedroom...without camera cables.


Finn said...

Hi Colleen, just popping over to say "hi" and thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving such a nice comment.*VBS*What an exciting life you have! I can't begin to imagine being part of a family of 14, nor of a life lived in Africa. I've been outside the States, but not to live. We sure do take a lot for granted, living here in the US like we do.
Your quilts are beautiful...and such big ones!! Good for you for getting so many done!
I do more and more small ones now, most of those for babies. The little book you spoke of is just what I've accomplished this past year for one project. I have a life time of giving quilts away..many to newborns of my DD's friends..*VBS*
As an adoptive mom, I've got a real soft spot for newborns *VBS* None of mine were..maybe that's why.
Very scary about the burgling going on. Stay safe as best you can. No possession is worth being hurt over.
Do stop by again, and I will do the same...Hugs, Finn

The Jen said...

I cannot believe the burglars got so far before the alarm went off??? Thats craziness! Stay safe.