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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me and Shaka....Zulu look alike in front of the Elengeni Sun hotel, Durban, South Africa

When we returned to South Africa, my husband had a meeting in Durban, which is located in Kwazulu Natal area of South Africa. It is also where Zulus lived in the old days of Tribal seperation. They still speak Zulu in that it is one of the 11...yes ....11 Official languages of South Africa!In the Eastern Cape where we live, the locals speak mostly Xhosa, a beautiful language full of clicks and throat clicks. I enjoy hearing it...though I only recognise an occasional word. This guy dresses up like Shaka, for the tourists. I was happy to have my photo taken with him. But across the street was the most wonderful street market where I got some fabulous carved things...a couple of very cool masks...and a carved table. I love Zulu land...they have the best carvings in South Africa....maybe better than the Cape Town markets. Bob and I went to the market....then Jayne, my friend from the UK(England) went with me. We bought several cool treasures to ship home....unfortunately I have to ship by container...and it is growing all the time! Just hope I can fit all this stuff in.

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