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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Houston Quilt Market....

Ricky Tims introducing his new fabric...
Jen Eskridge, of Reannalily Designs, with Colleen Eskridge and her mom, Karen Morello
 Deb Tucker, who has some fabulous quilt tools to sell
Dear Daughter treated me to Wicked last weekend... wow have I had fun lately.!

I won this pattern by Karen Combs at her School House... she taught at my guild 2 weeks ago... Love her stuff.
Alex Anderson sharing some of her new fabrics
Ok, I have just previewed the Houston International Quilt Show...during Houston Quilt Market, the place looks amazing.... and although right now the wholesale vendors are there.... with the retail shops taking their place in a few days. Fabulous things to be purchased. I am so happy to share that my daughter in law, Jen Eskridge, of Reanallilly Designs, has a booth there, #2048. She has had her first book, Deploy that Fabric, published, full of some wonderful, sewing and quilted things, which is available through C&T publishers, Booth 2144 at Market or directly from Jen at her design website. But she also has many wonderful quilt patterns, and purse patterns to sell as well. There is another book that will be coming out next year.... and it has some wonderful, fresh quilts in there. I got sneak peaks on them, as I quilted 8 of her projects. I loved every one of them, even if she weren't one of my favorite designers.... and may someday help to choose "retirement community"! The booth is cute, and she deserves Kudos for getting this accomplished. Now one of my quilts is hanging in the booth..... so does that count as a "quilt hanging at Houston?" I am saying it kindof sortof does! I  did make and quilt  the green and brown circle quilt in the picture.... I do love that combo! But she has several other quilts that I hope to make over the next little bit.... I need to stretch my traditional quilt legs a bit I think.... and try something with some clean lines. It was fun attending School House... Alex Anderson, was one that I chose to attend, Ricky Tims, Karen her new fabric coming out, it is wonderful!!!! I loved Pat Sloan's presentations... but no pics....and Deb Tuckers tools were new to me and absolutely to die for. I see my Christmas list growing by leaps and bounds! What trip to Texas would be complete without multiple meals of Tex Mex.... I had 3..... and on top of all this fun.... got to enjoy sample spree!!!! What girl doesn't love a good quilting fabric bargain???? Its a good thing that doesnt' happen very often. My feet are tired, purse is pretty empty, the quilts are amazing, unbeleivably intricate and inspiring, though we were able to view them, no ribbons are we can only pick our own favorites. It was a trip that once again has inspired me to get back to doing something that I love to do anyway..... play with fabric! Hope y'all have a chance to play as well...and if you are at Houston Market.... go by and see my wonderful daughter in law's booth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn is here.......

Our scarecrows in the front yard... wearing the school colors of Mississippi State. 

My little "Spooky" Quilt on the porch bench

Our Scarecrow door greeter who stands on the old milk box...from my sisters front porch, see Birdie, I still use it !!!

And anyone who really knows me, knows this may be more true than not!!!! 
Well today I sent off a box with two quilts to DS2 and his family. Hope the Princess likes hers. I am still behind, have a baby quilt owing to a neice...whose little darling is almost 1. The time has gotten away from me. Fall has hit...the leaves are all falling, and today for the first time, it turned cold...enough to wear a sweatshirt and need one. It may not last very long, but I feel winter creeping up on us. I have loved visiting blogs with their fall quilts displayed...mine sadly are not done. I only have two Halloween quilts.... and one is on the front porch on the bench, the other is a wall hanging with no place to hang at the moment! I have been trying to get caught up on quilting for others...but am not there yet. I did get to do two wonderful raffle quilts.... of course I forgot to take a photo of either...but I have purchased opportunities on both. I hope you all are enjoying your Autumn splendor... we are so fortunate to see the changing seasons. And Fall is one of my favorite ones! Oooohhhhh and how excited am I, I am flying out to Houston next week to see the Houston quilt market and assist my favorite designer, Jen of Reannalily Designs in her booth, 2148 I think..... come see us if you are there.Later, off to work on another quilt.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

LuLu in her tutu and customer quilts....

Little LuLu in her tutu..... this baby loves girly things... as does her adorable cousins, The Princess and Elisie-Pie. I was definitely a tomboy, and Dana was halfway in between.... so not sure how to respond????

A few more customer quilts to share.....