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Friday, August 31, 2007

Nothing exciting...which can be a very good thing!

Nothing exciting today...which I think may be a good thing! Still haven't found the cord to connect camera to computer...???? Where did I put it for safekeeping? I did find, all the camera cords to broken digital camera and the camcorder...but they don't fit this camera. Very frustrating...since I took photos of my baltimore far.....and those stinking MAM (mile a minute ) blocks! finished about 28 and have about 50 more from, small to needing one more strip sewn on. My arm gave out....before I could get them all caught up.I have decided they breed like Rabbits...just when i get the crumb pieces up to a Half block....I seem to have new Baby blocks!!!! At any rate, I also sewed up several leaders and enders for a blue/tan quilt...and red /cream/white for another one. I am so thankful that our ice cream...( as crappy as it is here) comes in plastic I have filled one with reds....and one with blue....that I hope to stitch into 4 patches tomorrow.....maybe have 100 of each by the end of the day. The ice cream tubs have lots of 2 " squares in them!!!! Then have to decide how to start planning the put together quilt..... did manage to do several scrapbook pages this week, so it was a good week by that standard. And I am taking a mosaic class in the morning.Hoping to learn how to prepare the can redo patio table when I come back home. The girl who is teaching the class, lives in East London, about two hours away, and I had the privilege of staying in her home back in May, what a creative person...not only does she have mosaiced mirrors in her bathrooms...but she actually built a mosiac tile divide in the bathroom, using mirror and glass....and big beads. It was so cool. I loved what she did outside in her garden...she had done a gorgeous colorful mosaic on the cement wall. It was phenominal...and her clawfoot tub had been mosaiced! Very artsy! I loved it. I don't know how much I will learn, but looking forward to the morning. Bob and I are planning on attending the Rotary conference in Lesoto, the mountain kingdom, later in Sept. I can't wait to see this place. As they wear very unique hats...and dress!So should be very interesting. Just need to find the stinking camera cord! Can't believe the ones I "found" don't fit. Will eventually put the photos on a cd at camera can post them then. But sure miss being able to load with the story.Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Can't believe that it is Sept. already. Oh, special thanks to my niece, Farrah, nephew, Sonny, Jan and Rob for gathering all the books ....and John for paying to ship them. Yikes! You are stars! I will pick up the last of the bags on Monday. And we will take photos... of the delivery, at the Library on Thursday of next week. I want some of the Rotary Ann's to see the difference in the Library as this will be the last for a while. Thanks to any of you who donated books to the cause. It has been so beneficial to the cause. Will post photos ...think I have some of the library AFTER the first Big delivery by Karen and Charlie Morello of San Antonio, and Donna Laubach, of Okeene Oklahoma. The difference to the next photos will be so noticable. YOu can't believe what your contributions have done. There is alway room for more of course...and those books are certainly being used. The shanty houses are located just across the street from the library, but one of the shanties is being replaced by a proper gets a little more done every time I go out. Have a great weekend.

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