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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seamingly Accurate giveaway...from none other than my DD in law!!!

My DD in law, has just returned from the Houston Quilt Festival..... and launching her Seamingly Accurate as a sewing notion.....and in honor of that has decided to do a giveaway, at ReannaLilly designs, please go to her web site for a quick comment and look see. Also a peek at the booth where she was launched! I am a proud mother in law. And it has helped me with both my quilting AND making curtains for my bedrooms. A very practical tool, with many sewing applications. So I am a satisfied user also. And had to post some lovely photos..... of yet another..... look at the Princess! She is so adorable!Happiness is found in Beans and Cornbread...even with only 3 teeth! This a a photo of another DD in law, Emikins, at the War Eagle actual grist mill in Benton county Arkansas. A lovely setting for a nice walk, across the old....working bridge... 100 yrs young, and the original sight of a grist mill. It has burned down 4 times, but the foundations are still original.Lots of charm, a few quilts made from their little feed sacks, and a warm inviting Beanery in the attic. We had a lovely lunch and browse of the premises. Crisp Autumn weather and fun! The trees are just starting to change color...very pretty!Just found another giveaway f at Sue Daleys blog, featuring lovely patterns. Loved this Halloween decor set outside the Piggly Wiggly in Starkville, MS. Love all things Autumn! I got some lovely things from the Houston Quilt Festival for my new soon to be named longarm machine, thanks to my crack monkey DD in law! They are "in the mail" ...who knows they may beat the items from my Ship!!!!Be sure and leave a comment for my giveaway, explained on previous post. Don't you love Fall, Y'all?????

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures from South Africa..... some things I miss and some I don't .....

I am about to head out for a quick trip to see grandbabies this next week. So not done much, did finish another customer quilt, but forgot to take a photo. I will when she shows at quilt guild in December. But have to share some photos I just went through from South Africa. Can you tell by the photo that this was taken during a power outage time of year, they charge for parking with electronic ticket and arms.But just in case..the guys at the mall, have to sit there to take money or give tickets...or maybe this was for them to take the ticket out of the machine and hand it to you? I can't remember. When they switched over to having you validate the tickets at a machine inside the should have seen the back up in lines! People holding up traffic, as they exited their cars, ran back inside the mall, and validated their little cards! You have to kind of miss all of that!This next photo is of a traffic jam, caused by the Limiters they put on their big trucks (18 wheelers) as in they often can not go more than 15 miles per hour up a hill....on a winding 2 lane National highway! So it makes for interesting road trips....and opportunities to spot the baboons by the side of the road!Or as in the case of the photo of the initiation hut...very close to the side of the road as in this photo.
Or one of the many "street merchants" who used their skills...I think this was a shoe repairman, one of many hundreds on any given day in downtown Queenstown. I used to walk by them on my way to the fabric shop! They carried all of their goods in those big, plastic zip bags. We called them trolley bags, I do have a couple of them here I must admit, they came in handy storing Quilts and winter things. I do not miss the queues at all. Like the ones inside the post office, notice the ladies in their home sewn clithing. I do miss that. They always looked so colorful. I don't miss the lockup electric entrances to the Post office of all places.

Sorry for the Blurry pic but you can see a lot of people waiting in Post office, and this isn't usually this short. It is usually out the door! I must admit everytime I send off a package, I don't miss the lines. Our post office is SO EFFICIENT!!!! It is something I will probably never take for granted.
But the way that they get around may be the thing that made me smile the most. I wish I had a dollar every time I saw a truckload overflowing with passengers....I think I could bail out Wallstreet!I hope you all have a great couple of days until I am back in Mississippi.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's in a name.....and almost 100????

Ok, I have failed to give my longarm a name...and maybe gremlins will set in...much like not naming a boat? So I have decided to combine a 100 post blogiversary with a name game. I am asking for suggested names..... just don't have any that I fancy except "EARL". And that doesn't seam proper to name the poor machine that. So if you would like to participate, play the name game or comment on the 100th ..... your name will be in the lucky draw....or it may be picked if I love the name!!!!! Either way a comment between now and Halloween gets you in. In other news.... I have finished DD in laws original dimensional quilt, I believe she offers this pattern for sale on her Reanallily blog. It was scary to do an actual in not an edge to edge. But it turned out quite well. It is unbound at this time, but I also finished up my little UFO, as in pieced to a flimsy. Not sure how I want to quilt it at the moment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also had to include a
photo of my end of summer roses. I know they will be playing out pretty soon. I do love the little rose garden I have out back. And finally ....out of all the bits a pieces from the UFO quilt, I took orphan strips and pieced them together to make a little "Square bits" lap quilt. I haven't decided how to quilt this either, but something very simple, I think, then it will go to a family exchange member for Christmas exchange. Since I have 14 brothers and sisters, spouses and many kids, we draw names, this year I decided to do a homemade Christmas for my names.

Friday, October 17, 2008

WOO HOO!!!! Just counted...and have finished officially 10 UFO's...

Ok, I just counted through several of my finished UFO's and I have officially finished 10 UFO's....unfortunately ...not the 7 I had initially planned. Shame. Now I did complete.... 5 of the original 7, but it is sad to think .... I found about 5 more, while digging for the bits to finish these 10! I also did my first Paid longarm commission! She only wanted a simple pantograph, and I had already practiced it on my bedspread from previous I did hers.... and it was a little twin... turned out very nicely...if I do say so. I didn't think to take a photo of it... so may have to ask for another chance to do that in future. But did

get a photo of the recipient of the houndstooth I made for a local college fellow. He wanted a cozy lap quilt for his girl at the game. She loves brown and gold. And I am working on another UFO, which was started before the Wee one was born, these very bright blocks, have now been pieced together, but have to add borders to the top,as it is just under a double. Hope to have it finished over the weekend. I am planning on practicing on my DD in laws get straight line practice, then will attempt the customer quilt. So may have a few photos to share after the weekend. If all things go well. My ship DID NOT come in this week, BUT I have been assured that it is LOADED on the truck to arrive late next week! Now I am leaving next weekend to go see the lovely little Princess, then on to see the Wee one, and will be gone until election no unpacking if if arrives too late. It really may be Christmas before I get to open the boxes! AT this rate!!! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Its going to be a good one for me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

UFO's, Hattiesburg , MS Quilt show...and the Halloween finery of our wee one!

Well, still not heard if my ship is coming in ...this week...but holding thumbs that it will. I had so much fun doing the barbecue on Friday, also got this lovely picture of the wee his Halloween finery. His mom sent this to me.... love those Amish MUMS in the background. I so wish I had some in my yard! Had to finally finish up my little Halloween UFO.....Then had the lucky opportunity to go to the Hattiesburg, MS quilt show on Sat. with a few new acquaintances. I think my eye must have changed, as much as I enjoyed seeing the variety of pieced quilts.....I really found myself focusing on the machine quilting on many of these. So if you are bored with some of my shared sorry, but was so excited to try new things.... that had to take a bunch of photos of the quilting.
there were so many pretty ones...they had over 480. So many really nice ones, I found it hard to choose ...but liked many for a multitude of reasons. Now I have always loved appliques...but some of the cool black and white pieced ones caught my eye as well.... as have been collecting them for years. I didn't see any civil war or DJ, another one I hoped to see so want to do one of each. But plenty to get my mind working on the next batch of UFO's!!!This is a closeup of my favorite, white on white..wholecloth, absolutely stunning. She only got her longarm the beginning of the year. What a beauty! There is something for me to only aspire to! And the lovely pastel pink fabric on the back. It was don't do it justice. It was on a back wall...with not enough room for longer photo. But absolutely my favorite.It even beat out the Baltimore!Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where does the time go.... another UFO.... and a practice piece, the wonderful Old Guard Fife and Drum corps....

Ok, I think I may have shocked a few some of the "old" days stories! I was a bit crazy back in the day.... and I will admit...I hitchiked! I even met the Professor hitchiking...... yep...and no....he didn't pick me up...but his roomate did! How else does someone from Pennsylvania get to meet someone from Oklahoma.... in Washington DC as luck would have it. The Professor was in the Old Guard Fife and Drum corps.... it is a ceremonial unit attached to Ft. Myer, Virginia. And the Professors outfit...does all the retirement, Arlington funerals, and they march in front of the Presidential the Inaugural Parade. He sure looked cute in his red coat and white wig...and breeches. Just like a proper old Minute Man. But that is a whole other story.I think I may have taken them aback...just a bit.... at the H ( hitchhiking ) word. I am not proud.... but I did do it. .... FREQUENTLY!!!! What was I thinking. But it was the 70's.... I was poor and carless.... so it beat going by feet. At any rate after I shocked them a bit...I did show them the latest quilt attempts. I got sick of doing muslin have been using quilts for my hand guided quilting...but decided that I really needed to practice a pantograph... so I did...but I used some
stash material..leftover from making a curtain.... on the front...and some cool green fabric... almost a light upholstery.... one..for the back. AND I love the back..... I am so glad I opted for something more fun than muslin. So I pantographed a custom bedspread to match the little bedroom curtains. And I have hung up my South AFrican MEmory quilt...on the South Korean rack I bought to hang quilts on. I can't show the AFRICA have to sort how to hang it up there.... but it hangs in the lounge now. We are having a Barbecue tomorrow night...for some fellow I want it up!!! I do think I like the green side which shows the pretty panto just have to sort how to keep it all straight! Hope you all have a great weekend. My ship hasn't come in....but after another phone call today to the movers...they tell me it will be loaded for Texas on maybe next week! Hope so..... it has only been since January my ship has been coming!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

When will my ship come in???? and more UFO's for Finn's challenge.....and the real haunted house!!!!

Well have just finished binding the string quilt...with the dark, quick binding...and bound and finished a little old Christmas panel.... did some very simple swirls on it. But I made Wonky letters for my South African Memory quilt....made from blocks my friends made for me before I left SA. They incorporated some of my favorite things...and memories into each block. What a pleasure to see it loaded on my machine.... and have begun dwirling.... or colleenishing the quilt. About half way through now. I am so still have some of the bright sashing fabric to use for the binding. Nothing from SA yet...but now have been told it will be coming next week.Will my ship ever really come in???? It will be fun to see when that actually happens.

The South Africa quilt....has a picture of the Mountain that was just behind our town, and animals from the Kruger Park, My favorite radio station, Algoa FM, A cricket player....... a Xhosa hut, my books for Africa program, our sewing group.... Can't wait to have it all done..... and show it off. I think it will look pretty have to sort where to hang it. As my buddies added some beading... and dimensional really can't be used on a bed...or laid on. The South AFrican quilt, has been fun.... and I had never used Tonya's methods to try to do any kind of lettering before. I had so much fun, not quite as Wonky as I would have liked, but I really enjoyed trying to do these. Its going to be quiet week here, I must baste a quilt for a hand quilting friend.... and finish off Memories SA, then try to work on my Halloween stash buster table topper. I am going to use Libby's idea..of putting some harvest colors on it can do double duty. Can't wait to scratch through the strip drawers to see what I have out there. And finally a picture of the real haunted house...... My mom's house....taken last year.... just before Thanksgiving! I warned you ..... it really is falling to bits. Can't find the pics of the closeups.... but still looking. Have a great weekend...... I so am going to!!!!