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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the children are nestled all snug in their beds.......Have a blessed Christmas!

As I write, the children are still up and playing Rock Band least their parents are! We are enjoying the festive time with for breakfast we made doughnuts.... and they kept out a few doughnut holes for Santa. Then DS1 made Turkey Gumbo for supper...while the Professor made his enchiladas for tomorrows Mexican fiesta dinner. DD is en route with her family and mom in we will have a full house for the next couple of days. I wish I could say we have finished everything I had planned...but no... I still have a Christmas gift to hem... and will need to wrap all for the kids. But not too worry.... my pies are baked...and candy and the house smells good. Wish you all a joyful Christmas....I will try to blog this after the kids have been put on their pallets for the evening. So I can post at least one picture.

(DD and her hubby as the elf and his reindeer)

Okay we have had some silly traditions In our home...but ever since I was a kid, we always received Christmas eve pajamas...and of course , it all started when my parents were gifted with a movie camera.... My mom was so proud of it...she immediately began photo-ing...the family on Christmas morning. Now we had about 9 kids at the time...I think I was about 10. And we waited for the film to be developed....and my folks purchased a projector...I think we even popped popcorn to watch our home movies! My mother was horrified after the first 3 minute see girls in boys pajamas..and vise versa, and some missing bottoms...and a patch here and she made a decision that every Christmas we would get new pajamas on Christmas eve so there would be no more ruined home movies. Unfortunately we discovered the next Christmas that some of the bedwetters.... would have to wait until the morning to put theirs on! And a tradition is born. OVer the years.... my own family adopted this tradition...and we began to collect the odd Christmas hat.... or two...and before we knew it... we now have a rubbermaid tub full of hats...which everyone rummages through to decide which hat will be perfect for that particular Christmas. It changes every year and as the grandkids have emerged onto the scene...we now let each choose for themself....the kids always have to see who can go through the tub first in order to get the best pick ..... had to share the extended family hat photos!

Our designer her bobblety hat......

And Pobbs and Elisiepie styling for the camera.....

right:Ryno, The Wee ONe and the other grandma, and DS in law

left: DS1 and Pobbs in yet another of his hat choices

. DS had to sport his College Alma mater hat...but then so did the Professor.The children decorated crowns to wear at Christmas breakfast.... and also note that DS has on his very own Nelson Mandela bar bQ apron. That was a hit from our Africa stash stuff. I had to prove that I was so good I didn't even open my gift for the SSCS swap early...and have documented the fact pictorially. I can only say that I was blown away by my swap partner. Those pictures will be posted in the next couple of days. Lynn from Australia was my partnet...and I was truly gifted way beyond my expectations! Will post, when company is all gone. We had 11 people in the house...and it was wonderful!!!! It will be hard to go back to just us..... again. When everyone leaves. It has been such a fun time. The grandkids woke us up about 5:15 AM and by 8 we had eaten breakfast and the kids were all playing happily. The grandbabies all had matching Pajamas this year...and all the girls had team shirts and the guys matching ones as well....a bit cheesy...but again lots of fun. I trust you all had a blessed Holiday with loads of fun. I did get a bit of sewing in...finished a quilt top that my daughter did... forgot to photograph.???? and a dear little table topper...then worked on DDin laws quilt....she did one of her own on the machine...and so enjoyed the process. Have a few more to get to, and more churning away in my head! Its almost new years...and I'd really like to knock out a few more UFO's. More ...later.... maybe much later!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Rabbits.... Las Noches de las Luminarias and a luittle finished quilt.....

I finished this sweet paper doll quilt for a friend. It turned out cute. I must admit I could hardly wait to start the colors just spoke to me. There are hidden pockets to hold the clothes.... located around the quilt.

Then these wonderful glass sculptures.....

My sister and I took one night off from working...and went to see Las Noches de las Luminarias..... at the Sybill Harrington Botanical Gardens. It was such a treat....all the luminaries lit up the cactus grounds and they had spotlighted Glass sculptures .... live music. If you ever get a chance to go.... absolutely wonderful.

While staying in Phoenix this past week.... at a Marriott hotel...I found out that these little rabbits used to live on the when the hotel was finished being built....they returned. They are all over the place...and very cute. This little boy was so intent on sneaking up on them..... but they let him get super close before hopping away. My family is in 2 days.... yippee. So may not get much done before then. Still have a little baking to get done. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas. I sure am blessed being able to spend it with the family who is going to be able to come. I have been oh so good...and not opened my gift.....from Australia.... for the SSCS swap....but every time I walk past the tree I have to stop and think of the wonderful lady who sent it to me.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

When life gives you scraps.... you make orphans! Orphans two more 2 Ufo's too!

I am off to Phoenix tomorrow, to work for my sister at a conference out time to play, but with lots of sitting in airports...I decided to take some orphan strips..... the messy pile in the top photo, and began sewing them together similar to the many fat quarter lap quilts I have seen. But I had a few extra they became a little block strip near the outer border....but still had more made another lap quilt. These together are about the size of a queen...and I did have two names in our family they are off to Pennsylvania for the Family Christmas party. I will be spending my time in the airports wisely sewing down the bindings. I am so pleased.... two Orphan UFO's..... kind of like a two for one! HAd to include a photo or two of the Princess and the Wee One from Thanksgiving..... we did so have a good time...but I forgot to have backup power..for my camera and missed some good shots! And My SSCS swap has been received in the Netherlands.... so here is what she will be opening on Christmas Day. All the little goodies are inside this huge stocking.... can't share the contents until after Christmas. Don't you love the cool wood carved bowl from Africa in the background? I keep Bread or fruit in it...depending on the need at the moment. And the candy thermometer I use to make Christmas this case ....Pralines. Yummmy. Still have some baking to do...but almost caught up with where I wanted to be at this time. The professor and I put up our outside lights ...all our little iron trees...and the blowup snowman. So I feel like that is complete...except for the greenery lining the driveway. The Professor says we need to put some lights in the back yard...for the kids.... we will have 4 of our grandkids here for Christmas. Good times ahead. Hope you all had a great weekend...and a good week to come.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things..... last Christmas in South Africa

I had to share a picture of a little girls baby quilt, I just did for one of the local girls.It is hard to see the water stipple behind the turtles, which she had already hand quilted. Then added a little flower border. It surely is a sweet little quilt.

As I began to decorate the outside of the house...just the front porch so far.... I began to ponder....on what things I enjoyed putting out year after year...and why some things stayed in the boxes.... year after year. I guess it is that some have stronger memories about some things than others. As I put up the tree ornamnents....and for years I have traditionally used shaped ornaments.... some from my folks tree, others I discovered at thrift stores..or after Christmas sales. Some of these have absolutely no value...except in my memories..of the kids hanging them up...or the walnut shaped ones that we found still in the Neiman Marcus the Goodwill store..which my youngest had called Neiman Marcus, ( we kind of taught him that so he wouldn't blurt out we had bought his older siblings something at Goodwill... so he just always said it came from Neiman's...the little guy was too young to read!) Or the Waterford ornaments I bought to remember my trip to Ireland, or the bowling mouse, my oldest chose as his ornament one year to buy for the Christmas tree. I just can 't seem to let them stay in the box. It certainly has been fun taking them out of their boxes... as this is the first time in 4 Christmases we had our own things to hang on the tree. I am so looking forward to having the children and Grandkids here, good times are ahead. ONe of the
traditions that began several years ago...were the "Ball Wars". I had purchased DS 1's College alma mater Christmas ornament...and also had DH and DD's alma mater. Well the kids came home...and suddenly the balls began to move around the tree. Every time someone walked through the living room, they would shift their alma maters ball to the top and shift all others down below. We need to add two new balls this year...but DD has suggesested, we go by BCS her school will be on top! We'll see when they all arrive what happens! I had to post this photo of me sitting in a taxi in South Africa, this was a bakki taxi, basically a little pickup with seating for four or more in the back of the camper part. I rode through the parking lot with these lovely ladies. That is what I was doing in South Africa last Christmas! Had to include a front picture of the vehicle...for your enjoyment. Note the wire holding the hood shut! Good times. Happy sewing to you. I have another quilt to get out tomorrow, and one to finish before I go to Phoenix next week. I get to work with my sister at a it should be fun. Have a good one. Hope to post again before I fly out.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

100 th Post and Gratefulness.......

No pictures...but real musings. I have had a wonderful blessed life, a great spouse, wonderful children and grandchildren. Fabulous mom and mom in law, sisters and brothers and in laws. My son in law is home from Iraq and we are all thrilled. The professor is almost finished with the first semester of studying for his doctorate, I have a wonderful longarm machine,"Rosie ( for hardworking Rosie the riviter...) and my business is starting to grow. How fortunate in difficult times I feel. We have our health and I have a nice warm roof over my head, enough to eat and a place to rest these old bones. God has certainly blessed me and my family. We have fond memories of friends overseas and people we don't see everyday. There really isn't much more than that that anyone could want. I wish the same for each of you. Have a wonderful holiday. I will be posting pics of the good holiday times..... so stay tuned.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More UFO's....Longarm practice and the Kitchen redo is done!

When the professor and I bought our home this past summer....we decided two things we had to do, was put in additional kitchen cabinetry as kitchen was cute but lacking... and a deck onto the back of the house.Well, we found a very talented in law family member who could take my measurements.... ( which could have turned out very badly) but because of his talent...he made a custom cabinet for our kitchen... giving us about 70 % more cabinets and room in the kitchen area! Can you believe the first time he saw my kitchen was yesterday when he brought the cabinet to my home to be installed. And he only did the figures about 6 weeks ago. I took photos of the existing cabinets...and requested that they be painted to match the other ones. Just not going to have all new cabinets put inot a temporary dwelling. They turned out fabulous. I am so is a delight to be in that kitchen. So happy it is here before Christmas when 2/3 of our family will be with us. I haven't decided where to hang a little quilt or two yet in there...but I am thinking about it. The quilt on the a little practice Harvest topper...done when practicing doing the free form flowers...for a customer quilt. Think I will do the same thing for a Christmas topper. Libby showed off her special I had to include a photo of my favorite mixing bowl...quite the antique.... and one of the first things completed for the holidays is the Chex mix we always have to eat .... perfectly mixed in that big old bowl. I also finished up another UFO, which was begun while still living in South Africa, it is quilted, and finished binding it as well. I used some of the new techniques I learned in my longarm class. This was done free hand..... with minimal marking. I had to show the front and I did it in a bright lime green.... and it is pretty fun on the back too! Lots of fun to do. I think it turned out pretty well. This dear little picture of the wee one...sitting amongst the pumpkins.... loved it. Hope you all have a lovely holiday...I will try to post again before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your families.... I have so much to be thankful for this year. I will probably have to include a tic list of all my gratefulness.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My ship has come in!!!!! and more UFO's .... semi completed,SSCS SWAP

First a wonderfully mysterious Parcel arrived....sometime whilst I was away last weekend. Hmmmmmm I resisted the temptation to open it...but am looking forward to it with anticipation! I am about to send my own Swap out.... for Chooky Blue's SSCS swap. I have not divulged any of the contents.... Also, the delivery of my Ship items took place on Saturday while I was in Atlanta learning lots of fun things to do on the longarm. I have gone through it all, it seems to be all there..... a few damaged items which are the South Africa branch of the moving won't hold my breath about getting any of the damage reimbursed for. But at least it is here...and I am now planning where to hang paintings, and other decor items. It felt like Christmas opening up all of the boxes...and of course brought back wonderful memories of where we purchased much of it! In fact, I was so nostalgic that I immediately called a few SA friends to hear their wonderful accents! Will post more about that stuff as it gets put out! Now about my wonderful longarm class....I learned a lot. Not mastered it yet...but wonderful class. Well worth the long drive over. The Teacher
at Pat's Calico Cottage is part of a group of longarmers...several award winners, and they did this wonderful quilt. I adored it. I also loved the batik 9 patch.... it was so well done. I really learned quite a bit. My machine seems to be humming perfectly at the moment...thanks to her husband... who sorted the few problems I have been having. I have to share a little photo of the leaders and enders quilt in progress...I am about out of red and white fabric bits...from my African quilts..but had enough to do this one. Now how to make it just a wee bit a full bed size???? I already bought a Baptist fan template to quilt it with.... just have to make it a bit bigger. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am going to finish up a few things, I am binding two charity quilts to donate to the Sheriff's Dept. for our quilt guild...and have binding on a little Thanksgiving table topper to sew on this evening, whilst watching tv. Keep warm. It is getting colder here tomorrow...and we have wood being delivered tomorrow for the fire box in our Family room. Enjoy your weekend.I so am going to!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a winner...... Halloween fun, and other things....

There is a giveaway over at Once Upon A time
to celebrate her blogiversary. So check it out, Here are a few of our Family Halloween Photos,
Homer and little skelly,

Jenga fett, of Star Wars fame, along with the "mum" teenager

Lovely Hermione is our Elisie Pie, with her Nimbus 2000, and the lovely little princess as a Penguin.

DD as 1/5 of the Village People, all the ladies dressed up as Village People for work! How fun is that?

I have done little besides travel the past week, Arkansas, then Tennessee, in on Monday...out to Atlanta tomorrow...for my first longarm class! Woo Hoo. Hoping I learn more quickly than the pantographs took me. Now had to share these divine pics of the lovely grandbabies/kids ( sorry to the older ones) and family members. Those who know us...know that the oldest children live far, far away and their parents got into the act.... Dad as Homer ( of course this could have been the Professor...sometimes I think I AM married to Homer! And DD in law was a High school Girl, not all that far removed from those days it seems. DD and the wee one, gave out candy. Wee One and I passed out the goodies, sitting out on the porch, he had to have his horse costume on of course. Now, I have been doing a bit of hand applique...while traveling, but DD gave me her UFO quilt blocks.... and I pieced the camo looking quilt together for her. I wonder can I count the UFO as an unfinished thing for me, since it isn't mine , but I will be finishing that up????May have to ask our Judge, Finn, to get her take on that question? It will be quilted next week, and she also passed on to me her other UFO.... quilt, with incomplete borders. I will piece those on....and "get her done" next week. Want to return them for Thanksgiving.... can't wait to see 2/3 of the family. Then we will have another 2/3 for Christmas. I am so looking forward to that. I may have to post photos of the Professor and I putting my longarm into my make the trip to Atlanta. That should be an interesting drive?? Now concerning the longarm, I loved several may have to do one with middle names too! But I did draw for a winner. Jackie was the lucky winner. Congratulations Jackie, please email me your details...and I will be back next week. Y'all have a great one! How could I not...with learning new and better tricks on my machine. Good times ahead!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seamingly Accurate giveaway...from none other than my DD in law!!!

My DD in law, has just returned from the Houston Quilt Festival..... and launching her Seamingly Accurate as a sewing notion.....and in honor of that has decided to do a giveaway, at ReannaLilly designs, please go to her web site for a quick comment and look see. Also a peek at the booth where she was launched! I am a proud mother in law. And it has helped me with both my quilting AND making curtains for my bedrooms. A very practical tool, with many sewing applications. So I am a satisfied user also. And had to post some lovely photos..... of yet another..... look at the Princess! She is so adorable!Happiness is found in Beans and Cornbread...even with only 3 teeth! This a a photo of another DD in law, Emikins, at the War Eagle actual grist mill in Benton county Arkansas. A lovely setting for a nice walk, across the old....working bridge... 100 yrs young, and the original sight of a grist mill. It has burned down 4 times, but the foundations are still original.Lots of charm, a few quilts made from their little feed sacks, and a warm inviting Beanery in the attic. We had a lovely lunch and browse of the premises. Crisp Autumn weather and fun! The trees are just starting to change color...very pretty!Just found another giveaway f at Sue Daleys blog, featuring lovely patterns. Loved this Halloween decor set outside the Piggly Wiggly in Starkville, MS. Love all things Autumn! I got some lovely things from the Houston Quilt Festival for my new soon to be named longarm machine, thanks to my crack monkey DD in law! They are "in the mail" ...who knows they may beat the items from my Ship!!!!Be sure and leave a comment for my giveaway, explained on previous post. Don't you love Fall, Y'all?????