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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Updates... and pics of last guild quilts...

The Professor is in the middle of taking his PHD comprehensive exams, so much gnashing of teeth and heavy concentration going on at our house. When he completes his last exam, assuming he gets a thumbs up on continuing.. he will have earned the PH of the PHD. We seem to celebrate every milestone ... in this lengthy process. So two more weeks of studying... and hoping I can get some of my little piles picked he has been so busy with school, he hasn't had the opportunity to notice the many new piles of sewing I seem to have accumulated. :o) We did have a nice little respite today, when a neighbor shared football tickets with us to go and see Mississippi State play the Georgia Bulldogs. MSU was victorious and it was nice to be caught up in the whole SEC football entusiasm. I have been very carefully expanding my quilting time, easing into longer sessions...and paying attention to when I feel too fatiqued to continue. So with many breaks during the day, I am starting to get caught up with the many quilts I had to do when I was in the auto accident. I think I did about 5 since my last post. But have once again misplaced my camera..... so instead will share a few photos from our last guild meeting. We took a class from Beth Ferrier and she taught us machine applique tips. Katie did this wonderful little practice piece from the class. I did enjoy this time with the girls...although it was about 3 weeks after my accident, and I was still in a sling. I wonder how many quilt teachers have people show up in slings... with their sewing machine. I simply had to learn the techniques... and had already paid for the class... so I was going to learn. Fortunately had some wonderful neighbors who helped me press and keep my bits together. I have been given this lovely bullseye quilt to quilt, love the fact that she turned the bullseyes into pumpkins. It will be going on the machine in the next 2 weeks if all goes well. My friend Nancy is quilting this darling scrappy baby quilt. Love the look of this one. Then some snippets wall hangings from a work day we had recently. Very cute and both ladies
deserved credit with all those little bitty pieces. I think one used tweezers to place hers! But such fun results. And lastly, Janie is a new quilter.... and shared her t shirt quilts. Can you tell she is an Indians fan?

Hope to get some time to quilt tomorrow... I really want to do a quilt of mine, before the Mississippi Quilt Association fall gathering, which is coming up in mid. October. So need to use my time wisely. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some more finishes.....

Continued improvement on my shoulder and neck... maybe mentally too, actually driving myself now, which is such a blessing. I understand now, why so many seniors hate to lose that part of their life. I was going a bit stir crazy, must admit. But maybe the best therapy is that I have begun easing into quilting again. And so enjoying working on the various quilts my customers have gifted me to do for them. Have done several for customers during the past week or two. Love this adorable pink one for a customers grandaugther. The gold and burgundy is not very clear unfortunately, but it was a very pretty fall quilt. I hate

that I didnt' get a very clear photo of it. The hot pink fuschia x block quilt is next. I like that she didn't use black as I did in mine. But hers is finished, mine isn't quilted yet. Then this pretty log cabin, is next. It is done with wonderful Christmas fabrics. Lastly is a quilt that needs to be sent off to Northern MS for a customer. I loved the African fabrics she used, it isn't a panel though the piecing doesn't show in photo well. But she did use the animal strips very effectively. I do love the variety I get to see from my customers. So much fun for me, and I am not a very clever piecer, so its always fun to see something I would never piece for myself. I am blessed for sure. The professor is taking his comprehensive exams starting in about 10 days. They last 3 weeks, and then he will go to a conference in North Carolina and present a paper, that is to be published in a professional journal in the spring. I am so proud of him. Once he gets past this big exam I think our life will get a bit more normal for us. I am looking forward to that. Hope to get a few more quilts done soon. I have a couple that are needing to be completed by next weekend. So need to get busy. My DD in law has a pattern in a McCall's magazine this month, think it is Quilter's World, a purse pattern for a new feature in the magazine. She is a wonderful designer.