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Friday, August 17, 2007

Its just the way it is!

OK, last post for this week.... It is almost 10 PM South AFrican time, quite cold outside....and I am tucked up under the covers to keep warm...remember....we don't have heat in our houses. I do have my good old water bottle warmed up to keep feet warm. Its supposed to be 2 degrees C just about freezing!As I said, tucked under the covers...Bob is sound asleep....we are locked/down/in for the night. That means...that we have locked every door into every room....from the inside...and we have locked ourselves into our bedroom...and we have the security alarm on for the whole house....except the room we are in. The infra red beam outside our bedroom is on...the metal gates on the outside doors have been padlocked. So I am feeling quite secure in little Bob likes to call it. But it has been a quiet barking security alarms going off ......out there somewhere. And I am feeling quite snug. I have my Baltimore quilting class tomorrow morning...then in the early afternoon, I am helping to serve Tea and eats to an old age home.....and I think we are having Irish dancers perform should get a cute photo...of them with the old souls. Then we are eating pizza...yeah....the kitchen will stay clean....and its off to East London....and the oceanside open market there. It also means I can go to the casino......with Big Bob. I love to gamble in rand, as it only costs me about 17 to 24 cents a pull to gamble. I got lucky and won about 200 US dollars last time.....And left immediately! But since we don't have a movie theatre here in Queenstown...(why I don't understand..since there are 188,000 people in the area?But maybe it would be too costly for security?) At any rate, no theatre, no ice cream parlor...and the casino complex has it all. We are such creatures of habits...that they know we are from Queenstown...the People in the shops! They always ask me if we've just driven down from Queenstown. But I don't care, I can see movies, get some decent ice cream, then have a nice iced coffee....and do it all in one place that is pretty safe! And we can run to Woolworth's to see if they have saltine crackers...for Bob. Believe it or not, you can't buy saltines in Queenstown. The grocery stores here...have very little variety, or selection. And if you can find an item once, it doesn't mean you will ever find it there again! I have been waiting for water chestnuts...for over 6 months!Sometimes we can't get celery!They just don't have much in the way of fresh produce....unless it is locally grown and in season. Now down at the coast....they cater to the they have much more variety, but the ....well....its Inferior! You have to special order your meat in advance if you need large quantities, and then HOLD THUMBS ( cross your fingers ) that it will arrive. Its just the way it is!!!! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


My Thanh said...

Well I thought Rob and Jen had an interesting life in Korea, but you guys seem to be in a different world over there! Your family seems very adventurous.

Oh, and in Oregon, you can't pump your own gas. The entire state has full-service pumps. I have no idea why. I really didn't think that teenage girl working there knew more about topping off my tank than I did.

Tiki said...

Your life in Africa is so intriguing!! Even more so that here in Korea. I look forward to your other posts!!

Tiki~Jen and Rob's old next door neighbor