Life has definitely taken me to places I never thought I would go to....but nothing more exciting than where I am right now! Welcome to my world...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Camp purse...literally!

I have been son in laws family has come to visit with him while he is home from Iraq, and I decided to finally make DD 's "camp" purse from his old BDU"S...fatigues. This is the result. I tried to use all the bits from his old uniform. It had a few problems...but all in all turned out OK. Had to share. We picked out a really wild looing lining...but it is pretty much covered up with the big inside pockets. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day!!!! If its something to be happy about that is?

Well, the day has come.It is Tax Day! Hope you all have a good one. I have another
good reason to enjoy today. We had this sleeper embroidered for the wee one...Daddy's
Tax Deduction. The picture says it all....he already seems to know that this day is not necessarily a good one!Been working on a diaper bag/purse for DD and wee one...made from Dad's old Army BDU's. Still have to add the straps. But going al0ng nicely...and of course more hand quilting on the other quilt.Have a great day.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Back on my soap box.....

OK, I have left behind many things I hold dear in South Africa.... some intentionally ...some not so! Just before I left, I posted two parcels to myself...full of last minute gifts, and a few more peices of precious fabric...and a handful of household things..that I NEEDED that last two weeks after the container was packed. Well.... I must have CRAZY written on my forehead. My husband asked me why I would waste money.... quite a in almost 200 US to send two boxes to me. One weighed about 15 lbs.... and the other...weighed about 25 lbs. This week....I received the second package on MONDAY.... considerably lighter.... it weighed under 3 pounds!!! They had stolen all the cookbooks...and a Bible printed in Afrikaans.... and my wicker tea tray... and an orphan quilt that I had almost finished...and a double quilt top flimsy. They left the half square triangles...( so obviously it wasnt' a quilter...or those would have gone first!!!!*0* ) They took a Mandela shirt I had had made for my husband...and all the big pieces of fabric! Now I was pretty cheesed off as you can imagine.... and wrote a very nasty email to the SA post office. I did receive a very nice email saying " that an investigation had been opened concerning my parcel"... but they NEVER asked me what was in the parcel exactly!????? So how does that work. So now I don't have my special fabric...or the last two quilts I made... and Raj curry powder..and a cople of cute rusk tins didn't make it. Now the really cruddy thing was that the box...was clearly marked it arrived all coverded in it had been in an auto parts box.....and they even carefully taped it back shut! But the final straw was that there was a bill...dated March 23, for a scholastic book club....addressed to someone else..... inside my box???? Which is why you should never trust foreign mails. I should have knows better...but ....there you go. In other news...I did start hand quilting on my scrap quilt which did arrive safely in my suitcase! May as well get it I can sleep under it this winter! Then had to share this crazy picture. I think this may only America! Driving down the road to the store...and I pass some seedy places...XXX store...but not only is it an ADULT store...but you can rent your UHAUL there!!! Is it just me...but for one small minute...felt like I was back in South Africa!Hope you all have a great weekend.