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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another visit with the Wee one, water fun, The princess in her Pillowcase dress and more quilts.....

We had the wee one here with his folks,this past weekend, and he enjoyed the pool we had for him. The Princess wore her little pillowcase dress and don't you love those red shoes????!

I had the opportunity to take a Bargello quilt from Dorinda Evans a couple of weeks ago, and although my quilt is still in strips.... a real shame, these ladies did finish theirs and several had the same Kaffe Fassett fabrics, yet they are so unique! I loved seeing them.

Another two finishers from the class.

Then at quilt guild I loved this quilt. It was a simple but effective quilt.

I also am happy to post a couple of photos of finished customer quilts from the past week or two. I have another on the longarm, and a stack to finish in the next couple of weeks. Where has the time gone??? I can't beleive it is June almost, and I am just not ready for summer yet. My garden has baby tomatoes and peppers, but forgot to grab a photo of them. DD and I did take a stack and whack class this past weekend while she was here on her visit...and it was so much fun.

Her blocks are gorgeous..but I didn't get any photos.
I will snap a few of mine very soon. I only had 4 blocks done, but she finished about 12. I guess she just used her time more wisely than I did.
Don't you love this vintage quilt. It was sewn by hand, by a customers great gran, and I loved seeing the vintage fabrics up close. Really a fun quilt to do.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arkansas,Oklahoma, Texas and am I bushed!

Grandbob with our Little Ballerina "princess"

Been gone for quite a while... and happy to be home. Saw all of our grandchildren and was that wonderful!First we saw
the Princess...and she loved the was the first thing she put on in the morning, as she grabbed toothbrushes!

Then it was on to Oklahoma and three other grands! Not sure how I managed to not get a close up of my gorgeous Elisie-Pie, but she is in the soccer picture. We watched soccer practice and movies! Gave out a few "just because we love you" things...( not the water pistols or water I promised DDIL) I know some people, think their grands are smart, beautiful and

talented...but MINE really ARE!!!!We so en
joyed seeing each of them...and the little boys, carried on the long standing tradition of playing with Great Grandma's curlers.... when we drove over to see DH's mom. I loved driving back through Texas, seeing the Texas flag flying everywhere along with the USA's of course and especially to see friends from long ago...and look what my buddy Dodi had hiding in the spare room. I am so jealous!!! Loved this old machine. It is a very old treadle...think she said it was her grandma's. LOvley.
Then is was on to Tennessee to see the "Wee one" while his folks went to a concert. Isn't he getting big????
We had some great times this past couple of weeks...but I did manage to do a couple of really cute college quilts this week, one Alabama and one Divided between Bama and Mississippi State.I so have to do one of these. Have a stack of other quilts waiting to jump on the longarm better get off this computer.
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tornados, a No sew tutu and a pillow case dress for the Princess....

We woke this AM to the wail of the tornado sirens going off.... but thankfully nothing landed on us..... not the way I want to wake up in the morning I can assure you. It kind of reminds me of waking in the middle of the night to the burglar alarm going off... which happened way too often in South Africa! But thankfully it was a fast moving storm, which left just as quickly as it came. Now on to the sewing front, although I have been sewing .... actually started my scrappy bargello, from a class I took on Sat. which is still in strips... and have made progress on a customer quilt, if there are no thunder storms this afternoon, I may finish up a sunflower illusion quilt. Very pretty, and fun to do. I have made a darling little no sew tutu for the Princess to wear, Just wish I could have found some lavender tulle... as it would have added the right amount of color. I also made a sweet little pillow case dress. We are traveling to see 4 of the grands this coming weekend, with another trip to see DH 's MOM, and I wanted to take a little something for them. I have some fun things for the "older" ones, but needed something for the Princess. Since she probably isn't ready for water balloons and squirt guns. ( No Jen, I will probably wait for the family get together to share those with the kids!) Now, I had never sewn a pillow case dress before...but figured it had to be similar to the little halters made for DD when she was just a little girl.... and rightly so.... it was very similar. I did find some adorable spaghetti strap( remember those ???) trim already made up in a similar color to the polka dots of this dress, at the fabric shop I work in. My boss bought out a shop going out of business, and we have a cupboard ( a large closet really ) full of lace and trims. I found some green gingham trim that I am hoping to do another pillow case dress for the Princess, using the same shade of green in polka dots. Its been a long time since I sewed for a little girl. But summer things have always been my favorite thing to sew up. I still may add a little pink ric rac on the bottom of the yellow dress. But otherwise it is finished. So had to share I am sewing something....just not something I usually sew up.