Life has definitely taken me to places I never thought I would go to....but nothing more exciting than where I am right now! Welcome to my world...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Mississippi snow man.....and more quilts......

Like most parts of the country...we have had a cold winter...and even got some snow. Now this guy is a pretty pathetic looking snow man....but he made me laugh. Some college students in the neighborhood..probably from Florida....worked awfully hard to put him together. I had to snap the photo. I am growing weary of the cold, damp, gray it has impeded my extra job, ie. quilting for others. It takes forever to heat up my building so that my machine will run. But I have done a couple of quilts since last post. One has already been delivered...a sweet vintage one, just simple squares. Looked like made from the grandmothers dresses. But I just finished a stunner.....made by Martha Dubard of Louisville Mississippi. Her applique is divine. I enjoyed the challenge of quilting this one. Not that I love super custom quilts.I actually enjoy doing what I call semi custom... ind. blocks..with borders. But the fine, super close quilting made me a bit nervous. I am still so new...lots of mistakes, stops and starts. But I am getting more comfortable all the time doing newer things to quilts. I am so excited to be able to see some of our grands in the next couple of weeks. Always a just need to get caught up on the quilting. I have a stack of customer quilts to finish, and a few more of my own, I'd love to get done. The red and gold quilt is a simple turning 20 quilt, gift for a sister.... she will get it soon, on the next visit to Pennsylvania. I need to finish at least 5 more..... before I go again, if I want to gift the sisters all at the same time. Sure wouldn't want any of them to think I was showing favoritism! Have a great day. I am off to watch olympics and work on some Dear Jane blocks. I am so behind.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My oldest Finished project for the year.....

Well, because I didnt' travel to Pennsylvania this past weekend..... I did get more sewing in. I actually finished up a couple of quilts for sisters. As my goal this year is to gift all of my sisters a quilt...then start with the brothers. So far 3 of my siblings have a quilt from me...... Now this one was that had been a PIG (Project in Grocery Sack) since 1988, the fabric is a dead giveaway. Rust calico... and royal blue. The center was not very well done..the basket part. So it went into a sack, I took it out... found some similar shade of Kona cotton in the blue, then found some more fabric that would coordinate with it....and quilted the daylights out of it. If my sister hates the front.... the back will be a white on white quilt...and its fine. I have several customer quilts to share as well..... this lovely blue and yellow one... is so pretty, then this darling pink and green applique...that a wonderful grandma made for her grandaughter. I also just finished this french braid quilt.... It is so pretty in person. I can't wait for my next one.... it s gorgeous little custom number.... with a Geisha panel in the center..... Not sure where it is going to take me...but can't wait to get going on it. Hope you all have a great day..... I am going to watch the super bowl with the professor...and eat blue bell ice cream... the perfect end to a great day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My mother's Birthday....via the internet!!!!

Today my huge family...all my brothers and sisters celebrated my mother 's 75th Birthday..... unfortunately for me since they are all up in Pennsylvania, and I am in Mississippi, and I was to fly into Pittsburg today, via Baltimore...and we all know how that went. So I didn't make it in...much to my chagrin. I have to admit I cried.... I was upset when I got the call on Thursday evening telling me that my flight had been canceled...but my neice posted video of the birthday song and a few everyone else it was bittersweet...but almost as good as being there. Love you mom...... and am so glad that I was lucky enough to be born into a wonderful...large, never dull family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
This photo was taken I believe in 1984 or so.
doesn't she look great...she had alreadydelivered 15 children.... she is an amazing woman!