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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stripping on Fridays!!!!!

I have decided to start "Stripping on Fridays"!!!!Because I live in South Africa...and there aren't Friday night football games to go and see, it makes sense to jumpstart my sewing goals and projects by cutting some strips...could be for string most of my strips are too fat...kind of like me....a little on the plump side! Or it may be for the next few days sewing projects. But it makes sense to take my free day as we usually go out to eat ...... to cut strips on Fridays. I started last week...and it was amazing that my sewing machine seemed to call me for the hour a day I have been trying to sew, because I had things ready to sew on already cut...whether early AM or later in the day. It just may be the kick....that I need to get with the program.Since we are going to a village by the sea for the next three days...and I don't feel like taking the sewing machine to a hotel????? I am going to take my cutter...and mat do my strips. I can fit one big bag of scraps...or maybe will start on a MIP ( masterpiece in progress!!!!) Of which I have several fabric pieces...all organized and ready to grab in nice little packets! may grab two...get them all cut...and ENCOURAGE myself to get busy. This is a photo of a white on white quilt which was finished just before Christmas last year. I had always wanted to do/have one so the time seemed right.For fun I've included a photo of me petting an elephant after I had walked him!!! Now what you can't see or SMELL is the he left on he drooled all over my hand!!!! Those things are massive up close....and my husband Bob, is feeding his little fella. He was way more brave than me....I didn't like them grabbing at me. It was ok...walking them...but I was afraid I'd trip and then be stomped all the time he was tramping behind me. Very adrenalin rushing....let me tell you! And their very spiky....wiry. They even make Elephant hair jewelry over here. I have a bracelet but it feels almost like is so tough! Have a great weekend... I plan to!


Andrea said...

Hi Colleen - nice to meet you. I love your blog - been reading your older posts and love your stories and of course your quilts. Enjoy your weekend !!

Finn said...

Hi Colleen, love your Ladies of the Nation quilt! Really a fantastic one...cheater cloth or not! Very creative and original..*VBS*
Great idea about the stripping on Friday! I'd be happy to join you on Fridays...LOL, I have lots that needs cutting into scrap shapes and strips for string quilts...a few real strings, but mostly odds and ends for strips.
I've been trying to make a link to you from my blog, but am having rrouble with the yakitty-yak part. I've given it too tried, and the problem is probabaly MY spelling, but the link keep taking me to either your yakitty yak page or the cerebral something page...any ideas on what I am doing wrong???
I've tagged you for a "me-me" on my Pieces from my scrapbag check it out! Talk to you soon, hugs, Finn

Finn said...

Me again *VBS* I GOT IT!!! Finally, got the letters and spelling right and YOU are linked!! Hugs, Finn