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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baltimore and so much more!

Worked on the two Baltimore blocks from this photos of those.Did manage to start sewing on my navy/white stash busting quilt. made about 50 small 4 patch blocks...enough for about 12 of the blocks I hope to turn into another top. Will work on marking off the half squares tomorrow.Also went to scrapbooking today...finished two pages.But very tired today...had a prowler of some sort in the yard last night about 5 AM. The alarm went off...outside infra red beam was broken...and both motion sensor lights were on when we flew to the window to see who might be there. Well it wasn't SANTA....let me tell you. Not sure, could have been a Big cat...I guess. But the security people came with their flashlights...after about 10 min.Glad we weren't in danger....but saw nothing. I couldn't hardly go back to a bit cranky this evening. Didn't get as much sewn on my I would have liked, but every little bit helps I think. At least my sewing room/ Husband's Office( used to be anyway) gets a bit something MUST be going on!!!! But hope to get some things sorted for early in the AM, get at least some more of red/white quilt going...or work on the black African embroidered squares....they are so pretty and need to be done. This is a photo of a quilt I finished earlier this year....more of the German Print or Schwe-schwe... which I have been using. The two maids are some of the neighbors...from her B& B another of the quilt tops I will hope to quilt when I return to the States for good. HOPE my husband doesn't mind all the navy that will be around the house. I think I have about 5 or 6 tops in navy now....not counting the stolen and donated ones. I still have enough to make at least 2 or 3 more!What was I thinking???? Never slept in a navy bedroom....ever! And there sure aren't any holidays with a navy slant???!!!!! Shame!

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Finn said...

Hi Colleen, so happy the intruder didn't have more time, or turn out to be anyone that harmed your family. It all sounds very scary to me! Maybe living alone does that to me...LOL
Ebby isn't much of a watch cat!
Hopefully you'll get some uninterrupted sleep tonight.
That 's a fun quilt the ladies are holding up. Is that one of yours? Hugs, Finn