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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where can it be?????? And other questions????

I still can't find my camera guess will Have to take photos of this weekends projects in various stages of completion...and go to camera shop...then can post a new photo every other day!Maybe left the cable in the States....and only thought I brought it back here?????? I had a semi productive weekend.Did dig out several orphan pieces from prior quilt projects...but realized after working with them...will take a heck of a long time to get them to fit together in any cohesive way. Cut strips for a piece of cake quilt....have had bagged up for months ....ready to start. But I also worked on a semi orphan ....project. I belong to a craft (or as my husband mimicing my South African buddies, says, "CROFT") club. We meet once a month at various ladies homes.Last month, we met at Anike's home...and while there...she passed around a basket of ORPHAN squares of fabric.....most were cut from curtaining a bit stiff/thicker than quilting fabric.I let everyone choose if they wanted some...several did...and when it came to me, I removed 32 blocks.Now these were cut anywhere from 6 and 1/2 " to 7 1/2 ". So I brought these home...and left them to sit...while I thought up what to do with them. Thought I'd make them into a car/picnic quilt.....but they looked pitifully small when I laid them on the bed. So I rummaged through some leftover pieces from the neighbors curtains.She has a b and b....and had put up all cream colored damasks...and jaquard curtains in her rooms. The extra length was cut off of them and I had several strips of cream about 8 -10 inches wide. They seemed to look ok...and were the correct I decided to square up the orphan blocks...then sew to the cream make half square triangles...I then sewed these into a quilt. But when I took it to the quilt sewing group this last weekend...they suggested I rummage through some of the scrap bags from one of the curtain makers in town....that just happened to be in our guild cupboard....awaiting our next project.I thought what the heck.....haven't purchased fabric since April...and this wasn't really Buying fabric. Well, there were some perfect burgundy strips that I cut down into sashing pieces...then there was a cream backed floral....that had to be added....and then the little quilt HAD to become a real quilt...because I fell in love with it!!!!! So back at home, dug for some more damask/bits...and found 4 pieces...but they are all different....I think it adds character. So that all got added....I also found enough of a large damask piece to make a tablecloth for the cupboard...and got it all hemmed. I also finished piecing the center of the tesselation quilt I had taught the girls to make a couple of weeks back. So that may be put in the how will I add enough to make a quilt out of it pile...or keep it at the size it is now???? A question I will ponder later????I did cut strips for a navy /white quilt...and will begin sewing sometime this week....just not sure which variation I will use to put it together. Know its 4 patches and half square triangles...but how to arrange????? Once I begin, it will speak to me I am sure. I have getting photos put to a top of the list for tomorrow. Maybe I'll get the car washed then as well. HEre we don't have automatic car take the car the mall....and around the back there is a car wash...where they wash by hand...with bucket and rags.... then you have to drive it over to the vacuum area and they have a hand vac to clean the interior. They do a good job...but it takes over an hour...which is an HOUR AWAY from my sewing machine. You also have to make sure there are no valuables...becauses as many as 5 people may be working on your car...and things will go missing sometimes. I always tip they have even more people work on my car!Now I just have an amount that i am willing to tip them....then divide it by the number of people who work on the car. I mean the tip can cost more than the car wash if I don't! At any rate, I will get photos somehow tomorrow...and hope its not raining here so I can get the car cleaned out also. I hope you all have a great week....I am planning on it! This is the week....of finishing at least two projects for me!

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