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Friday, October 5, 2007

Too tired to "strip" tonight...but will be stripping tomorrow!!!

Helped a friend with the wedding flowers for her tomorrow.I only did the bouquets, corsages and buttonholes (bouttinieres) ...left the chapel flowers and reception to the other girls.There were 5 of us working on flowers....and I wore myself out...not used to doing that anymore. I have to take it easy....just can't do flowers all I used to??? But I did come home with the intention of actually "stripping" for tomorrows SEW fest!!!! But was so tired...that just sewed a few leaves...(machine applique) on a scrap quilt I am hoping to finish by next Friday. Better get a move on. Will cut strips in a bit....finish my Navy/Indigo White schwe-schwe quilt top.Think it is road to california...or Jacob't ladder blocks??? Can't remember at moment. I have been asked to talk to a farm wives group here next Friday, I am demonstrating a Texas "Baby" Door Badge...much like a Homecoming Mum! I guess most of you don't know what that is either...but I will try to get a photo of it...then post. AND they asked if I would bring quilts too....shame most of mine are in the US already. So have to put the pedal to medal and finish the two almost finished ones. More later.....after a nice long sleep!!!!Had to post this photo!!It does represent the kinds of challenges we see IF something can go very often does. This is the second time that we have had no diet drinks...this year...... seems like a crazy way to run a business....and I took this photo the week before last....WE STILL have NO DIET drinks!!!! There was even an occasion when they ran out of ....YIKES..... BEER!!! They are often out of the beer in bottles My darling husband prefers... happens every'd think they'd make MORE????? Shame..... I think it is evidence of the general efficiency.... of many things here. In fact...Dear husband received a parking ticket last late Sept. It was from JUNE....taken by a camera... they actually posted the ticket as taking place ....when we were in the think it must have been from even earlier????!!!!!! Very crazy!!!! Its just the way things are!!!! And like Forrest Gump...thats all I have to say about that! Later!!!!


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Libby said...

I guess these are the things that force you to be flexible . . . whether you want to be or not *s* My daughter is a Diet Coke officianado - her caffeine of choice. However in Germany they sell Coke Lite and she refuses to drink it. Just one of her many very Princess ways *s*