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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Have to add another photo of our Seaside adventure. Even though it was overcast...we did manage to see whales and dolphins...swimming off the coast. This coastline is called the Dolphin coast...and many of the hotels along the Indian ocean...have bells to ring when you spot one. I have seen dolphins several times...but never seen the whales before. There were two swimming do I know...because two blow hole "plumes". Of course I couldn't get a great shot of the PLUMES....but a trace of a plume and the dark humps of their backs!!!! That was good enough for me!
The plume is located just in the bottom left hand part of photo..and the dark splotch is part of one whale. Wish I had a better one to share...but you get the picture. I swear I had a better one than this one...but may have left it on the camera. I also finished a little orphan block quilt. This was a true orphan as I had the blue/white check 9 patches...made in my typical wonky in just a bit "unsquare" I had abandoned them. BUt I needed a quick baby quilt...and the daughter of a friend ....didn't want a totally yellow quilt, which I had already cut I went to see what I had...that was soft colors like she already had in her nursery. Found the blue check blocks and the soft blue...all fabric scraps...and even used the batting from a scrap. I needed took apart several of the 9 patches...sewed back together to make the simple pieced border. She appreciated it...and I was glad to use up an orphan. It is about 38 " square..and I machine quilted in ditch for speed. The baby had been I was desperate!It has been labeled and delivered!WHEW! Also sharing some of a lucky friends beautiful South American embroidered blocks.She showed them to us at the last quilt class. I am quite the bright colors. What you can't see is that they used old fashioned polyester.... to back these blocks. Her wonderful son sent them to her as a gift. I think they are stunning!!!She is trying to figure out how to put them together into a wall quilt. Just know that they are quite pretty. I am off to do wedding flowers tomorrow need to get some rest. Hope you all have a great weekend. I am stripping tomorrow night...see Sept posts) :o) and then we have a 70th Birthday party to attend on Sat. We also have company coming on Sunday after another busy weekend. Hope to finish one of two quilts going at moment.Actually have 4 or maybe 5 more...going...but 2 that can be finished with one days sewing...barring protracted ....interruptions!!!! Hate those days...when I want to sew. Hoping Jen and Dawns sewing day was productive....and that they manage to find some of my Baltimore fabric in the South Korea fabric mart!I need more..More....MORE!!!! In order to finishe my quilt to bed size! Holding Thumbs! As they say here in South AFrica! ENJOY your weekend. Colleen

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Those South American blocks are GORGEOUS. I am jealous. Oh the colors and the designs. Would love to see more closeups of those! That's going to be a great quilt.