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Monday, July 27, 2009

Noxubee Wildlife Refuge.... didn't see any aligators though!!

This past weekend I was up to my eyeballs in quilts to quilt....but the Professor decided to take me away for a quick day trip to the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge. Having lived in South Africa, I must admit...seeing the odd deer or armadillo isn't usually exciting.... and we did see those on the drive into the refuge. But I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this place...and it is only a few miles from our town. It had lots of info at the Visitor center...including ideal times to see Egrets and cranes.... and where the Aligators hang out ...usually. It was very interesting. So I am wondering what else is around here that I don't know about. Instead of hankering after that long trip to Yosemite...maybe I better explore my back yard..... before we get moved away from here. We will definitely go back there again.... I really would like to see some Gators... and see how they compare to African crocodiles.... which we did see many times while looking for animals in the Game Parks of South Africa. One reason..... I can not understand anyone wanting to "walk" or camp near the rivers there.... I mean.... crocs can swim.... so who knows where they might end up???? The Professor did a good thing for me.... he got me to take a break from the wonderful quilts I had the privilege of finishing this past week. I have to share Toni Brenker's from Pennsylvania , it is from a Quiltville. com pattern, the Old TObacco Road Quilt.... really a lovely quilt. She is a wonderful piecer, and superb at color combinations! I just wish the quilting would show up more, as it really finished up nicely. Then this next one... is one of my regular girls...I seem to love her color combinations.... this Bargello turned out beautiful. So far.... every color combo, I like better
than her last one. Last, I have to share this stunner .... hand appliqued by one of the girls in my guild.... she does divine hand work. This is certainly no exception! It was lots of fun to plan for. I tried to do echo quilting for the first time. It was a lot harder than I realized...and
this picture doesn't do her beautiful quilt justice. But it is a beauty. A massive quilt, king sized . But such a pleasure to do for her. I am winding down with a few more quilts this week...before we make a quick trip to see my 13 brothers and sisters and mom. Can't wait to see them all. Happy sewing!!!


Micki said...

The quilts are just so lovely! I don't know which one I love the best.

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

OH my goodness, the quilting on that purple one shows up so well. Beautiful!!!

Tanya said...

Those are certainly 3 beautiful quilts! And you are doing all the quilting? Awesome! With all that work put in your hubby is right to take you away for a little retreat!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

it looks pretty, lots of green foliage!

the quilting on that bottom quilt with purple flowers and nine-patches is really nice.

check out my blog - i'm having a scrap giveaway!

Karan said...

The Widlife Reserve is beautiful. The quilts, as always, are stunning - hard pressed to pick a favourite. :0)
That towel is such fun. :0)