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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dorothy we definitely aren't in Kansas anymore..... and I definitley feel like someone who has been in the "PEN" for awhile!

WOW! Been back a little over a week.... been sick, had snow, been shopping! According to "the PROFESSOR" maybe shopping too much. He dreads the moving of all the stuff I have shopped for...if you know what I mean. And the shame of it is, Garage sale season hasn't even started yet!!! I had been holding myself in check, I thought....but he isn't seeing it quite that way! HMMM....but I digress. I haven't been on in awhile, because of sinus infection. Not doing much of anything else either....not good when a baby quilt needs to be finished soon.... but .....since I have been on. I have been tagged for a meme.... by Sweetp ....will have to figure out how to work the whole adding the the post before I do it? I am just not that savvy.
On to other things. I went to the Post office...the other day to send off important packages, and must was so good being home seeing the American flag flying there. Not that it doesn't fly at every school, and half the businesses you drive by...but I really noticed it! Something I must have always taken for granted before. But while at the post office, I saw some workmen fixing a KIOSK machine...where you can lay the package on....and it tells you how much to pay to send off the parcel, slip the money into the machines.... and (snapped fingers) you are done!!!! When did that come into being???? I have come back to the US many times.... during the past couple of years we have been gone..but never noticed this kind of thing. And yes......I had used the self scanners at Walmart and a few grocery I did know that you could self serve check-out at the grocery store. Still pretty slow using them...but getting better everyday.......AGAIN ACCORDING TO THE PROFESSOR!!!!! He looks online to see where I have been and what I have purchased...No I don't have a computer chip in me...... just in the good old bank card! That is a scary thing to think about....a chip which showed where you were at all a GPS device implanted! Seriously don't want to think of that. But also while I was at the post office, paying for parcels, the girl innocently asked if I needed any stamps...... FOREVER STAMPS? Now being as it was Valentine's day.... I asked if that was the Valentine's day stamps( for my foriegn readers...we do have seasonal stamps available... and ones with your kids pictures on them...if you want to order them...or Elvis, or flowers...or whatever you can imagine. I even saw a Yoda from Star Wars one! ) Well, you could have blown me away with a ....well being a bigger girl, it wouldn't be a feather...... but you could have blown me away....when she tells me that it is a stamp that is good forever!!!! As in even in two months it will still be good...when the price of a letter goes up again! I mean..... it is GOOD FOREVER to send a letter....even if I had it for 100 years!!!! and then had my great grandchildren send it! When did this come about???? I was dumbfounded...and of course bought two books of stamps!!!! At least when these get found by one of my decendents in a 1,000 years they will still work????? I found it quite amazing!!!! Well, DD has decided we must go shopping ..... so I am off again!!!!! It is usually her fault anyway. *v* Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Annie, your parcel is on its way.... for the lucky draw! Hugs to you all. I have to uplaod photos to share, of the quilt in process and a few silly things as well. Later.


Libby said...

Oh how I yearn to use that automatic postage machine *s* I have had the chance once or twice, but most of my packages go to The Princess and require a customs form - can't have that at the machine. To be able to walk in, conduct my business and get out quickly is still just a dream. How fun for you to be out enjoying abundance and ease of U.S. shopping.

kathy said...

sounds, that is.

The Jen said...

I forgot about the mailing kiosk thing. I wonder what has changed in the past two years? 4 months 'til we're out of the "pen" too!

Annie said...

It must be fun learning all the things that have changed in this country while you were away. It's only confusing to me to keep up with changes, as there is something new that we have to keep up with every day. I wish things would slow down a bit!!

Will be watching for my package, I'm sure I will be pleased.

Have fun shopping with your dd.

Oh, I also suffered a sinus infection last week too, miserable. Way too much illness around right now, almost impossible to avoid it all.

Do take care

: )

Annie said...

Oh, Colleen, I'm just in from the mailbox and opened my "lucky draw" package! Boy, I do feel lucky, what a nice assortment of So African fabrics. Can't wait to get started on a wall hanging.

I also love the beaded pieces and the bookmark.

I'm definitely a brights girl so all the things are enthusiastically accepted. Thanks so much.

Hugs to you,
: )