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Monday, December 17, 2007

South American squares and ....Christmas Lights!!!!

I have had these closeups of some handwork from South America for several months. Got them the day before I left...and Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilter asked for the here goes.

My camera isn't great...but these at least show some of the detail. I thought they were so pretty. Would love to have some for my very own...but these were my friends from a dear son who lived in Brazil I think.

They are so bright and lively.

I am not sure how long Izette has had them, but she has begun to feel that they need to be sewn together into some sort of a wallhanging. I think they are lovely.

The detail is cool...but the amount of hand applique is amazing. I think some of these have a touch of some of the Mexican it Molo ??? can't remember at the moment. But they are stunning.

I would like to think I might attempt something someday...but alas reality is that there is so much work in this, don't think I would ever be up to it.

I hope you enjoy them. Wish I could incorporate some of the fish into my grandbaby's quilt...but know its beyond me if I want to finish by end of February! Enjoy your days. It was a balmy 83 here today. Lots of rain last night...which actually shorted out my Christmas lights. Must have gotten into the leads (extension cords) so they blew the breaker about 9 last night. But we had a whole bunch of visitors to the garden tonight. I always give them all an American candy cane...which are not available here. I brought back 200 little ones in my carry on ....was it only last week. It seems ages ago.....and I'm walking on sunshine!!!! Wo---OH!!!! Loving the sunshine....and South African summers. You gotta love it! Colleen


Libby said...

I bet those candy canes are a very special treat . . . it's always such fun to stop and enjoy the simple things *s*

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What incredible blocks. I am sooo jealous. I'd love to have them too. The word you're trying to think of is "mola" - and yes that one block definitely looks like one.

Andrea said...

These are stunning - I could never do anything like this. Nice to see you back Colleen.

Tanya said...

Such colorful blocks! Wouldn't it be fun to get lost in applique like that!