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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Life's blessings, family, friends, and fun!

Our dear little grandaughter, was born this week up in Arkansas....Mom and baby are doing well!Think Dad is hanging in as well. Short quick delivery. For which I am most thankful. New life makes me especially wonder at God's good works!
Wow!!! Time with friends is always good. Seen most of this before, but there is nothing quite like seeing animals in their natural environment! We have spent two days driving through the Kruger Park, and even though we DIDN'T go at PRIME viewing times! Saw giraffe, warthog, zebra,water buffalo, lots of different personal favorite is Kudu...with the beautiful stripes on their back...even saw the black Rhino...but just as we were leaving the park....saw lots of activinty on the crocodile bridge....and there sunning themselves....most likely before the "KILL" sat several lions! I don't even know if I got a great shot...since the bridge was packed with people.....INSIDE their cars of course..... and I was taking the photos through the bars of the bridge.And my old camera has a pretty crummy still from far away. Have not retrieved them from camera yet...but will and will post then. But we have had a fabulous time with our friends from the UK, they do the same thing my hubby does we are all scheduled to leave in May of 2008, but I get to go early for the delivery of the next grandbaby. Whew time is going quickly now. Have to sort packing/shipping of stuff....never shipped internationally ....and very nervous about the stuff making it.We don't have a complete checking into all of our options. If you have suggestions...never had to clear anything like this with customs before. Love to have anything to help me through this. Colleen


CONNIE W said...

Hi Colleen...stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year...may 2008 be filled with great joy & blessings.
Connie W

My Thanh said...

So where in the U.S. will you be moving to, next?

Libby said...

Congrats on the new baby *s* Looking forward to seeing the pics from your trip. Happy New Year!

Annie said...

Congratulations to the parents and grandparents on the arrival of the new baby!

No suggestions on the shipping, just wishing best of luck with it all.

My dh never got home with luggage containing a quilt I made for him. It's somewhere between Paris, France and Maine, USA.

: )

The Jen said...

I cannot wait to see my new little neice!!! ~jen~

Kathy said...

Congrats on the little one. I have been waiting to hear. Are there any pics yet?
Happy New Year.