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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring break getaway, Irish memories, Oklahoma State fans and the Wee One....

I have been away for a couple of days and seem like I haven't been able to catch up on my tasks... but had to share a photo of the Professor, wee one and his dad all showing their support for the Cowboys, Oklahoma State Cowboys of course!And the Wee
one is definitely growing up...he is over a year. We were able to see his this past weekend as the PRofessor and Son in law are planning on the deck we hope to add to the house in the next few months. It is spring break and a weekend away was the best staycation we could get. It was fun, to see him walking and all sorts of new tricks. But it was back to the grind today...for both of us. I have just pinned in another quilt, and wanted to share a photo of another finished one, the simple triangle block was started in South Africa with a Craft friend, Anike's, discarded curtaining squares. I received about 30 of the mostly red ones. I was nice and waited for all the other girls to choose first. I initially thought to make a little picnic quilt...but as I decided to use another friends discarded jaquard pieces, leftovers from curtaining, it became bedsized and none of the outer borders which I quilted with a feather border, match, but they are all similar curtaining fabrics. I really had fun doing this one, but now I need to find some of the burgundy fabric, to make binding. It is on display at the fabric shop. But took this photo at quilt guild a couple of weeks ago. I also finished this customer quilt.It is quite contemporary so I did something a little different in each block, these stylized feathers that "circle" each block. It is a queen sized quilt...and took a bit longer than I had initially thought, but she liked it and I did too. Finished another two, but forgot to get photos... so will have to post those later. Have a few more to complete but the pace is just where I want it to be. I am wishing each of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day, I have asked the children to send me photos of the grandkids in their Irish finery, I had to send all of them hats or headbands to wear.... to celebrate their Irish heritage. Although I couldn't see them in person.... so still waiting on those pics. Had to add a few photos taken in Ireland where we went for our honeymoon...even if it was 31 years late! This next photo was taken looking from the top of Blarney Castle, I so enjoyed every day we spent in Ireland. My favorite place may have been Kilarney. But loved Galoway and all the quaint villages we visited away from the touristy areas. The Professor went above and beyond to make it special for me. He even drove the Ring of Kerry, and took me to the Dingle Peninsula. It was all fabulous. Had to kiss the Blarney stone... of course.
It was every bit as I pictured it.Even to the heavier accent of the people who live in the west. We drove all the way to the western coast. The Cliffs of Moher were stunning. I loved it all..... so thanks for sharing my little trip memory..... and top of the morning to y'all!


The Jen said...

The quilting on the batik quilt is amazing. The wee one is getting so big. He's going to be a little man in no time.

Karan said...

The wee one is adorable. I love little ones at that age, as their skills & personalities really start to develop. :0)
Beautiful, beautiful quilting. I envy you your skills.
One day I WILL visit Ireland - lovely to see the pics. :0)

Libby said...

A weekend with the Wee One is better than any fancy vacation . . . my he's grown *s*

Micki said...

Your work is beautiful, and I did enjoy your pics of Ireland.

Things Hand Made said...

Beautiful quilts, your picture of Ireland are good , its not raining!

Domestic Designer said...

Your "wee one" is just precious. He is at a fun age. I would love to go to Ireland...maybe someday! Your quilts are beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

i love both quilts, do you havea ´´faraway´photo of the second one?

i also like the green and castles in ireland. thanks for showing them.

you commented on my blog about the floor of spain blocks. the truth is, i ended up going out of town for two months and shortly thereafter for another two months so it kind of got put on hold, if you know what i mean.

but im actually in spain again today, ive been here for a week and i´ll be back home tomorrow to post photos so check back by this weekend, i´ll talk about the tiles and motifs-designs here in spain and some ideas i have for new quilts and wall'hangings and my plans to resurrect my floors of spain block-making. thanks for the interest.

talk to you later-
happy quilting!!!!


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