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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My mother's Birthday....via the internet!!!!

Today my huge family...all my brothers and sisters celebrated my mother 's 75th Birthday..... unfortunately for me since they are all up in Pennsylvania, and I am in Mississippi, and I was to fly into Pittsburg today, via Baltimore...and we all know how that went. So I didn't make it in...much to my chagrin. I have to admit I cried.... I was upset when I got the call on Thursday evening telling me that my flight had been canceled...but my neice posted video of the birthday song and a few everyone else it was bittersweet...but almost as good as being there. Love you mom...... and am so glad that I was lucky enough to be born into a wonderful...large, never dull family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
This photo was taken I believe in 1984 or so.
doesn't she look great...she had alreadydelivered 15 children.... she is an amazing woman!


Jackie said...

What fantastic mom! Happy Birthday to you. so sorry that you couldn't make it, but I am sure she knew you were thinking of her.

Karan said...

Belated happy Birthday to your Mom. (((((Hugs))))) & hope you are able to make up for the disappointment with a visit soon. :0)

Libby said...

So sorry to hear that that miserable storm caused you to miss the festivities - but good to know you were there in spirit and the cyberworld too. Happy Birthday to your mama *S*

prashant said...

you have fantastic mom!
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