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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arkansas,Oklahoma, Texas and am I bushed!

Grandbob with our Little Ballerina "princess"

Been gone for quite a while... and happy to be home. Saw all of our grandchildren and was that wonderful!First we saw
the Princess...and she loved the was the first thing she put on in the morning, as she grabbed toothbrushes!

Then it was on to Oklahoma and three other grands! Not sure how I managed to not get a close up of my gorgeous Elisie-Pie, but she is in the soccer picture. We watched soccer practice and movies! Gave out a few "just because we love you" things...( not the water pistols or water I promised DDIL) I know some people, think their grands are smart, beautiful and

talented...but MINE really ARE!!!!We so en
joyed seeing each of them...and the little boys, carried on the long standing tradition of playing with Great Grandma's curlers.... when we drove over to see DH's mom. I loved driving back through Texas, seeing the Texas flag flying everywhere along with the USA's of course and especially to see friends from long ago...and look what my buddy Dodi had hiding in the spare room. I am so jealous!!! Loved this old machine. It is a very old treadle...think she said it was her grandma's. LOvley.
Then is was on to Tennessee to see the "Wee one" while his folks went to a concert. Isn't he getting big????
We had some great times this past couple of weeks...but I did manage to do a couple of really cute college quilts this week, one Alabama and one Divided between Bama and Mississippi State.I so have to do one of these. Have a stack of other quilts waiting to jump on the longarm better get off this computer.
Have a great day!!!


Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Oh my goodness- what will your name for the Wee One be when he's 6' tall?

Micki said...

Your visit was wonderful. I have an old Singer and love it!

Karan said...

Great family pics. All that travelling & grand spoiling & still time to quilt? Wow, seriously impressed! :0)

Libby said...

What a great trip . . . . bet the hugs and kisses were non-stop *s*