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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

African books, Mississippi Delta and more quilt photos.....

School girls looking at newly donated books at the Ezebeleni Library in Ezebeleni South AFrica.

More donated books for the SA library

Children at a Library resource day during the School holidays.

Since returning to the US I have continued to focus on books for my African library. These are pictures of children using the Library facility I adopted as my own. All of the books pictured in these photos were sent by very generous Americans. About 8000 pounds of books have been sent to date for which, the library and myself are truly grateful. I haven't posted in so long...that I felt I had to post something. And these pictures of the children in the library and some of the books, say it all. A wonderful gesture.But since living here in Mississippi, I have become aware of some needs down in the Delta area. So I may continue to do what I can for South AFrica, but I can't beleive that there are schools and small rural communities who would love good used childrens books. So I am hunting down the info...and hoping to begin an awareness program, and hope to get something going for children in our own country. I have only heard stories from a doctoral student who taught school down in the delta, but am investigating further. I mean, people can't give away books at a garage there has to be a way to get something done. More updates will be forthcoming. Had to add this funny sign from Africa.... The Baboon sign...was located in a picnic area at the Kruger Park...apparently there was a problem with baboons and monkeys stealing food in the picnic area... grabbing things they shouldn't it was a warning to be cautious and not to encourage them. Not something you see every day in your local park or picnic grounds. In other news, I have done some sewing. Finished a few customer quilts... need to take photos.... and have quilted a tester quilt pattern called Floating bubbles, a pattern available at Reanalilydesigns, ( my very talented DD in law)I forgot to get a good photo and it is already on a quilt rack at the quilt shop. I will try to remember to take a pic tomorrow to post. But I have made progress with my DD mystery, this was taken before I sewed the blocks together, since the photo, I have sewn them all together, now I just have to sew up a border treatment. Then can quilt it up. I had to add a photo of at least a couple of quilts. This baseball quilt was made by a wonderful lady in one of my quilt guilds, Sarah . She is a prolific quilter with a very dry wit. I love her Mississippi accent...and could listen to her talk for hours. Then this lovely quilt by another amazing lady, Martha Dubard, another one I could listen to all day. They are lovely ladies...and I really look forward to every other Monday morning.... and seeing them. Then the last is the "in progress" DD mystery. I will post another when I finally get to those borders. Thanks for stopping by.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Fantastic project in South Africe, I loved those pics..and we have lots of signs here at parls...don't feed the emus, don't feed the kangaroos..I think you would like them as well!
Some very pretty quilts, lovely! Tracey

KCQuilter said...

What a wonderful cause to provide books for children. As a former teacher, the importance of getting to CHOOSE a book to read can't be stressed enough. Thanks for sharing.